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The 7 Steps of an Oklahoma Civil Appeal

by Gregory Blackwell on March 22, 2018

We’ve previously written about the four phases of civil litigation in Oklahoma. But what happens when the trial is complete? Whether you prevailed in the trial court or not, your case may not be over.

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Contempt of Court in Oklahoma

by Gregory Blackwell on January 16, 2018

What is contempt of court? Unfortunately, the most accurate answer is the one lawyers often give, which clients are loathe to hear: it depends. There are actually several types of contempt of court, each with drastically different purposes and procedures under Oklahoma law.'

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Original Actions in the Oklahoma Supreme Court

by Gregory Blackwell on November 21, 2017

Most attorneys in Oklahoma are aware that the Oklahoma Supreme Court is where an aggrieved party must go to appeal an adverse judgment of the district court in a civil case.

Unfortunately, only a subset of attorneys seem to be aware that they may also make a claim directly to the Oklahoma Supreme Court in certain cases.

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