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Attitudes toward drug use are changing rapidly in the United States, as more and more jurisdictions legalize marijuana; as criminal justice reform measures find support on both the left and the right; and as diversionary programs like drug court or mental health court seek to reduce the number of people incarcerated for drug offenses.

Still, even simple drug possession charges can disrupt a person’s life, land them in jail, and devastate their future, while more serious drug charges—like trafficking or possession with intent to distribute—can result in lengthy prison sentences.

At Ball Morse Lowe, the guiding principle of our criminal defense practice is simple:

Every case is unique.

That means when you hire a Ball Morse Lowe lawyer to defend you against a drug charge, the representation will be tailored to your individual needs, wishes, and circumstances.

Something Brian Ted Jones knows exactly how to do.

With a decade of experience in criminal defense, Brian has represented clients facing first-offense misdemeanor marijuana charges as well as possession with intent, trafficking, and aggravated trafficking. He’s handled drug cases in courts all across Oklahoma, secured exceptional results in plea negotiations, and litigated constitutional search-and-seizure issues in trial and appellate courts.

“The most serious drug charges often involve a traffic stop,” says Brian, “followed by a search, often with a drug dog, and often with the government claiming consent, probable cause, or reasonable suspicion. There’s an entire range of constitutional questions raised by these kinds of cases, and litigating them requires knowledge of an always-evolving set of legal standards.”

Brian’s experience defending clients in the criminal justice system has also given him a valuable insight into the destructive power of drugs and substance abuse.

“One of the first things I look for in any drug case is whether there’s an underlying abuse problem,” says Brian. “Not every person charged with a drug offense has a serious addiction, but given the rising mortality rates caused by prescription opioids, fentanyl, and heroin, criminal defense lawyers are in a unique position to help people make important and potentially life-saving changes before it’s too late.”

Brian is also particularly experienced with representing clients facing professional licensing issues raised by a drug arrest.

“Drug use cuts across all segments of society,” says Brian, “and professional licensees are no exception. Even a simple drug possession charge can create career-destroying problems for a person with a professional license, especially in the medical field. I’ve represented a broad range of medical professionals — from physicians to nurses, from pharmacists to radiologists — and helped to preserve their licenses and defend their livelihoods.”

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