Drug Charge Defense Attorneys In Oklahoma

If you are charged with a drug offense in Oklahoma, it is critical to obtain experienced legal counsel. A drug-related conviction can have long-term ramifications on your life. You face the potential of incarceration, hefty fines and probation, among other penalties.

At the law firm of Ball Morse Lowe, PLLC, we have the skill and legal resources to combat a wide variety of drug charges. We handle cases involving meth, marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy, prescription drugs and all other controlled substances. Our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals in Oklahoma City and beyond who are accused of:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug distribution or trafficking
  • Drug conspiracy

Attorney Greg Dixon is a former prosecutor, defense attorney and District Court Judge. His countless hours in Oklahoma courtrooms as attorney and judge have provided him a unique skillset for defending clients charged with drug crimes.

Attorney Bow Bottomly has served as a judge advocate in the Marine Corps since 2004. His legal experience and tenacious approach are necessary assets to individuals accused of drug crimes.

Upholding Our Clients' Rights In State And Federal Courts

The amount of drugs in question can cause potential penalties to escalate. If an individual is accused of trafficking drugs across state lines, the federal authorities will likely be involved. The federal government applies statutory mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for drug crimes, which means it is important to retain an attorney who thoroughly understands these guidelines and how to create the best defense strategy possible under the facts of the case.

Ball Morse Lowe, PLLC, offers the legal knowledge and personal representation clients seek. We know when to fight for the charges to be dismissed and when to negotiate for a reduction in penalties. We will also review the details of the search and seizure to ensure our clients' constitutional rights were not violated.

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