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A DUI is one of the most common criminal charges in the entire American judicial system. At the same time, every DUI case presents a broad range of issues, all of which can be complicated by the individual facts of the case and the personal situation of the defendant.

At Ball Morse Lowe, the guiding principle of our criminal defense practice is simple:

Every case is unique.

That means when you hire a Ball Morse Lowe lawyer to defend you against a DUI charge, the representation will be tailored to individual needs, wishes, and circumstances.

Something Brian Ted Jones knows exactly how to do.

With a decade of experience in criminal defense, Brian Ted Jones has represented clients facing first-offense misdemeanor DUIs, aggravated DUIs, and felony DUIs as well as manslaughter and child endangerment charges resulting from impaired-driving allegations. He’s litigated DUI cases in courts all across Oklahoma, secured exceptional results in plea negotiations, and won many of his clients’ driver’s licenses back from the Department of Public Safety.

“Every DUI case is really two cases,” says Brian. “There’s the criminal case, and then there’s the driver’s license case, and each one requires its own separate strategy, its own set of tactics. Plus, as video and digital recordkeeping has become more common in law enforcement agencies, the tools a defense lawyer can use to challenge a DUI arrest have become that much stronger.”

Brian’s experience defending clients in the criminal justice system has also given him a valuable insight into the destructive power of alcohol and substance abuse.

“One of the first things I look for in any DUI case is whether there’s an underlying problem with alcohol,” says Brian. “And while it’s certainly true that not everyone charged with DUI has a serious problem with drinking, I’ve also definitely had cases where a DUI arrest probably saved the client’s life in the long-run by forcing them to get serious about their problems with substance abuse.”

Brian is also particularly experienced representing clients with professional licensing issues raised by a DUI arrest.

“Anyone can get a DUI,” said Brian, “and professional licensees are no exception. Even a first-time misdemeanor DUI can create serious problems for a person with a professional license, especially in the medical field. I’ve represented a wide range of medical professionals — from physicians to nurses, from pharmacists to radiologists —and helped to preserve their licenses and defend their livelihoods.

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