Accused of a Sex Offense? A Violent Crime? A White Collar Charge, like Embezzlement? ACT NOW to defend your future and your freedom.

At Ball Morse Lowe, the guiding principle of our criminal defense practice is simple:

Every case is unique.

That means when you hire a Ball Morse Lowe lawyer to defend you, the representation will be tailored to your individual needs, wishes, and circumstances.

This is critically important when facing the most serious kinds of accusations, like sex offenses, violent crimes, or white collar charges.

In these kinds of cases, the stakes are always high. Long prison sentences are usually on the table from the start, and that means jury trial—an increasingly rare occurrence in the criminal justice system—is far more likely than usual.

Navigating the complex issues raised by major criminal charges takes experience, knowledge, and talent.

Brian Ted Jones has all three.

With a decade of experience in criminal defense, Brian has represented clients charged with homicides, aggravated assaults, rape, sexual battery, molestation, embezzlement, and other high-stakes criminal accusations. He’s handled major crimes in courts all across Oklahoma, secured exceptional results in plea negotiations, won jury trials, and guided his clients through the incredible stresses of facing prosecution.

“With a major crime, you’ve got to be ready to litigate,” says Brian. “You’ve got to know the entire process, from the investigation phase, through charging, preliminary hearing, and pretrial motions, all the way to trial and appeal. When the stakes are high, that’s when you’ve got to use every tool provided by the law to defend your client. You’ve got to be straightforward with them about the risks and realities of the case, but ready to use the full leverage available to achieve the best possible result.”

Brian has particular experience representing clients facing sex crimes charges, and has not only helped his clients avoid registration, he’s even gotten his clients removed from the registry altogether.

“It’s a harsh reality,” says Brian, “but sex offender registration is the most severe consequence the criminal justice system can impose on a person outside the death penalty or incarceration, and frankly, plenty of people would rather do jail or prison time than live as a registered sex offender.”

Brian’s experience defending clients accused of major crimes has also given him a valuable insight into the underlying mental health challenges involved in many of the most serious criminal cases.

“It’s a sad fact,” says Brian, “but a lot of people who find themselves charged with violent crimes or sex crimes were victims of violence or sexual abuse themselves, while many people accused of white collar charges face similar challenges with mental illness, substance abuse, or gambling addiction.”

“It’s essential, I think, to represent the whole person,” says Brian. “And that begins with seeing everyone, no matter what they’re accused of, as a human being, with a soul and inherent dignity and absolute worth.”

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