Dealing with the legal process of probate when a person dies can be overwhelming. You might be overwhelmed with questions like:

  • What’s involved when someone must administer an estate? How do probate laws work? 
  • Will all of the deceased’s property go through the probate process? 
  • What if you’re thinking about the estate planning process? 
  • Is avoiding probate possible for any of your assets? 
  • What if you have a small estate?

Ball Morse Lowe recognizes that there are a lot of questions about the probate process in Oklahoma. That’s why we’ve created a free ebook, What Is Probate?, that explains the probate process in Oklahoma.

When you register to receive this free ebook, you’ll get an extremely informative PDF guide that explains the top 10 things about Oklahoma probate laws and facts that you need to know regardless of whether you need to administer the estate, you’re an heir or beneficiary, or you’re looking to learn more about estate planning.

 We’ve made sure that the information on the Oklahoma probate process is written in plain English, concise, and easy to understand.

What You Will Learn about the Oklahoma Probate Process

We know that the probate process and probate court are difficult to understand. Here’s some of what you’ll learn when you register to receive your free ebook:

  • The two types of probate processes in Oklahoma
  •  Whether having a will helps you with avoiding probate
  • Whether the person in charge of administering the estate is personally responsible for the debts of the deceased person
  • What happens to joint assets
  • The amount of time the probate process takes

 And more!

The probate process and the probate laws are complex. The amount of time it takes to handle the process on your own can be lengthy. And if problems arise, especially if you’re not sure what to expect, it can be overwhelming. Our free guide can help administrators, beneficiaries, heirs, and anyone interested in the estate planning process understand the top 10 things about Oklahoma probate that you really need to know.

In addition to learning about the top 10 things about Oklahoma probate, you’ll also receive the contact information for our experienced probate lawyers and qualify for a free consultation. Just complete the short form below to access your free ebook.


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Our free ebook is provided in PDF format. We chose this format because it is the most widely used and the friendliest for both operating systems and e-readers. 

Why do I need to complete the form to get the ebook?

Our delivery system, like most other websites, includes an automated delivery system. So, we request your name and email address so that we can send you the ebook via email. We are strictly a no-spam business. If you’d like to learn more about our privacy policy, you can click here.

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