There's No Such Thing as an Automatic Expungement

by Ball Morse Lowe on July 13, 2018

Criminal defense lawyers hear it all the time, “My lawyer told me my case would be expunged automatically when it was over! Why is the arrest record still popping up on background checks?”
Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion among the public about how Oklahoma expungements work.
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Criminal Expungement Myths That Are Holding You Back

by Ball Morse Lowe on July 3, 2018

If your record isn’t exactly spotless, the opportunity of a clean slate may appeal to you. Criminal expungement is the process

in which a record can be destroyed or sealed from state or federal record. Essentially, the order directs the court to treat the conviction like it never existed.

However, it’s important to clarify that criminal expungement doesn’t operate like a legal pardon. Unlike pardons, expungement proceedings must be ordered by a judge or court. They typically take place in state court and the procedures may vary by location.

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How State Question 788 Decriminalizes Marijuana

by Brian Ted Jones on June 27, 2018

Yesterday, voters approved State Question 788, legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

But that’s not all 788 did.

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A Difficult Conversation: Talking to Loved Ones About Estate Planning

by Jennifer L. Wright on June 5, 2018

Talking to loved ones about estate planning is a difficult conversation because people do not like to talk about death. But the truth is that none of us will make it out of this life alive, so estate planning is an important topic to discuss with the people you care about most.

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