Negotiating the Oil + Gas Lease

by Caron C. Loffland on December 12, 2017

Oklahoma is one of the greatest producers of oil and gas in the nation. For generations, many Oklahomans have profited as owners of mineral interests, whether by active investment or inheritance. For the mineral owner, maximizing that profit can hinge upon understanding and negotiating favorable terms in an oil and gas lease.

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Unlocking Found Treasure or How Do I Get Paid for Grandma’s Mineral Interests?

by Zachary T. Ball on December 7, 2017

What if I told you that you were entitled to thousands of dollars due to various mineral interests owned by a long lost relative? While it might sound like wishful thinking, it actually happens quite often in Oklahoma. People from all around the United States could recite story after story about receiving phone calls from an Oklahoma oil company

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Transferring Real Property to a Trust

by Tyler Crowe on December 5, 2017

When real property owners want to transfer surface real estate or minerals to their heirs through a trust, there are several common problems a title examiner will find. Sometimes, the owners make the mistake of conveying property to the individual Trustee, instead of to the Trustee in his or her capacity as Trustee of the named trust. Other times, the property owner conveys

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What to Expect if You Are Subject to an Oklahoma Corporation Commission Pooling Proceeding

by Blake Deen on November 30, 2017

Despite the recent downturn in oil and natural gas prices, energy companies continue to drill new wells in South-Central and Western Oklahoma. Before an energy company can drill a new well, every mineral owner within a given drilling and spacing unit must be accounted for either through an oil and gas

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