Contempt of Court in Oklahoma

by Gregory Blackwell on January 16, 2018

Contempt-of-Court-Post.jpgWhat is contempt of court? Unfortunately, the most accurate answer is the one lawyers often give, which clients are loathe to hear: it depends. There are actually several types of contempt of court, each with drastically different purposes and procedures under Oklahoma law.'

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Limited Applicability of the Affidavit of Death and Heirship

by Roberto Seda on January 11, 2018


Late last year, our blog discussed how you could get paid for "Grandma's Mineral Interest." This post will expand further on the Affidavit of Death and Heirship ("Affidavit") mentioned in that prior blog. Now, imagine taking a large piece of glass and dropping it on a concrete floor. What would the result be? Most people would say

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Transfer on Death Deeds: Using the Statutory Form

by Jennifer L. Fischer on January 9, 2018

Transfer on Death Deeds were created by statute to serve as a vehicle for transferring interest in real estate at the death of the Grantor outside of a probate, and thus avoiding the cost and length of those proceedings. However, and quite commonly, potential decedents and their counsel use Transfer of Death for other purposes, that subsequently can create

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Get the SCOOP on Proposed Amendments to the Stigler Act

by Stephanie Moser Goins on January 4, 2018

Expanded drilling activity in the SCOOP (South Central Oklahoma Oil Province) is providing many new economic opportunities for owners of mineral rights. These opportunities include mineral resources in South Central Oklahoma on lands that were once allotted to members of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, two of the tribes forcibly removed to Indian

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