Five Common Types of Divorce

by Ball Morse Lowe on May 17, 2018

Divorce proceedings have changed over time. Previously, courts only granted a divorce when one spouse was able to prove the other was “at fault” for the dissolution of their marriage - either by neglect, abuse, or engaging in an affair, etc.

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Expanding the Pugh Clause

by Kimberly Wurtz on May 3, 2018

Is it time to expand the traditional Pugh Clause? With the growing trend of horizontal drilling and use of hydraulic fracturing, oil and gas exploration is starting to impact land in various ways. Is the standard Pugh Clause enough to protect the correlative rights of others? Is it time for the industry to consider a Pugh Clause that encompasses more than “100 feet below the deepest producing formation” to fully enjoy the protections of the clause, whether it is statutory or not?

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Estate Planning For Your Furry Family Members

by Stephanie Moser Goins on April 24, 2018

Living wills and advance directives are an important tool for making sure you provide your family with directions for the management of your healthcare and other corporeal needs in your last days of life. However, planning ahead for your pet's last days is an important step in estate planning that many people forget to address.

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The Importance of the Final Decree in Probate Proceedings

by Tyler Crowe on April 19, 2018

When left without a will or a trust, the property of a decedent will only be distributed once a Final Decree has been ordered by the Court.

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