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Family Law in Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado

Our law firm includes a group of highly educated and enthusiastic family law attorneys with years of expertise in our Oklahoma City, Norman, Stillwater, Frisco, and Denver law offices. We have helped clients from every walk of life navigate their legal issues with winning results. If you are in need of help, please phone our office now. We’ll devote every resource at our disposal to assist you in realizing your objective.

Dealing with family law issues?

Family law attorneys frequently represent clients searching for many different legal services including divorce, annulment, legal separation, and other legal issues. Family law attorneys also assist clients in navigating the complex problems that can arise from those legal issues. Although domestic abuse is a criminal offense, some family law attorneys are also skilled at handling such offenses, as they are frequently entangled with other family law issues.

What is family law?

Oklahoma Family Law is a specialized area of legal practice that encompasses a wide range of statutes, judicial precedents, and regulations specifically designed to govern relationships and obligations among family members. While these legal tenets primarily address relations between individuals connected by blood or matrimony, they can also extend to relationships that are more distant or informal in nature.

The bulk of proceedings under Oklahoma Family Law occurs due to the dissolution of marriages or romantic partnerships. For instance, couples married for a brief duration may pursue an annulment rather than a divorce. Additionally, specific legal rights and protections may be extended to same-sex couples. One of the critical elements frequently discussed in these cases is the equitable division of property and assets at the end of the marital relationship.

In Oklahoma, as in other jurisdictions, the law provides a detailed framework for the distribution of property upon divorce. However, couples have the option to deviate from these statutory guidelines by entering into a prenuptial agreement, typically facilitated by legal counsel. As long as such an agreement is free from fraud or duress, Oklahoma courts will honor it, distributing property and financial support as per the stipulated terms during divorce proceedings.

Moreover, Oklahoma Family Law serves a pivotal role in the prevention and redress of physical and emotional abuse within familial settings. It's important to note that the scope of protection against domestic abuse isn't limited to just spouses or immediate family; it can also include elderly family members or even roommates in certain situations. Courts in Oklahoma are empowered to intervene assertively to safeguard at-risk individuals.

When navigating a contested family law issue in Oklahoma, retaining a skilled attorney can provide invaluable benefits. A proficient lawyer can unearth hidden assets or income that one party may be attempting to obscure, present compelling arguments for child custody, support, and visitation, and can even escalate the case to trial if negotiations falter. Similarly, legal representation is crucial even in uncontested cases to ensure that a party does not inadvertently waive any crucial legal rights.

Whether you're involved in a complex divorce, seeking protective measures against domestic abuse, or navigating child custody battles, understanding and leveraging Oklahoma Family Law is crucial to securing a favorable outcome. Call our family law team today at 405.701.5355 to set up a consultation. 

Family Law FAQ's 

1. How Do I File for Divorce in Oklahoma?

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma requires that at least one spouse has been a resident of the state for a minimum of six months. The divorce petition should be filed in the county where the petitioner resides.

2. Is Oklahoma a Community Property State?

No, Oklahoma is not a community property state; it follows the principles of "equitable distribution" when dividing marital assets and debts during a divorce.

3. How is Child Custody Determined?

In Oklahoma, child custody decisions are based on what is in the "best interests of the child." Courts consider multiple factors, including the emotional and physical well-being of the parents, the stability of the home, and the child's wishes, depending on their age and maturity.

4. How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support in Oklahoma is calculated using the state's child support guidelines, which take into account both parents' income, the number of children involved, and other relevant expenses.

5. Can I Get Alimony?

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is not automatically granted in Oklahoma. It is generally based on factors like the recipient’s need, the payer's ability to pay, length of the marriage, and the standard of living during the marriage.

6. What is a Prenuptial Agreement, and is it Enforceable in Oklahoma?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage, outlining the division of assets in the event of divorce. As long as the agreement was made voluntarily and is free from fraud or duress, it is generally enforceable in Oklahoma.

7. What Are the Grounds for Annulment?

Grounds for annulment in Oklahoma include fraud, impotence, one party being underage, or one party already being legally married to someone else at the time of the current marriage.

8. What is Legal Separation?

Legal separation allows a couple to live apart and divide their assets and debts without formally ending the marriage. It can be a step before divorce or an alternative for those who do not wish to divorce due to religious or other reasons.

9. How Can I Obtain a Protective Order?

In cases of domestic abuse or violence, a protective order can be sought to ensure the safety of the abused party. You must file a petition with the court, and if immediate danger is present, a temporary protective order can be issued.

10. Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?

In Oklahoma, grandparents can petition for visitation rights, especially if the parents are divorced or one parent is deceased. However, granting such rights is at the court’s discretion and based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Please note that this FAQ is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. For specific queries or legal issues, it's always recommended to consult one of our Oklahoma Family Law attorneys.

Parental Rights & Obligations

The issue of child custody is the most frequent dispute in family court. As should be expected, parents are really concerned with the security, education, and general well-being of their children. Custody decisions become even harder following a divorce or separation, as parents tend to be distrustful of each other at those times.

In an attempt to do what's best for the child, the court can assign physical and legal custody to a parent, or those rights could be shared. A normal schedule would permit the child to spend weekends, summers, and alternating holidays with the non-custodial parent, with both parents having an equal say in important decisions affecting the child.

All parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children. The quantity of support ordered in a specific case will be calculated according to state statute. Most states publish a child support worksheet that simplifies the job. The calculation will consider the respective incomes of the parents, the expense of health insurance for your child, support paid for other children by the non-custodial parent, and much more.

Custody and service orders are subject to alteration. In actuality, family law attorneys spend much of their time representing clients in modification proceedings. Examples of changed circumstances include loss of employment, moving, a parent getting disabled, etc.

Family law cases can involve a variety of different problems. Placing (or disproving) paternity is a frequent subject of litigation, though it's becoming less complex with the capacity of courts to order DNA testing. Family law in today's society has so many rules and procedures, which makes it more important than ever to seek advice from an experienced attorney.

Oklahoma and Texas Family Law Attorneys - Helping You Navigate Family Law Issues

In the complex realm of Oklahoma and Texas Family Law, we are more than just attorneys—we are your dedicated allies, navigating you through one of life's most challenging crossroads. Our approach to every case is twofold: We ardently believe that many disputes can be settled amicably, yet we prepare with the intensity and focus as if every case is bound for the courtroom. Why? Because Oklahoma Family Law is not just about legal codes and courtrooms; it's deeply entwined with the very fabric of your life, your relationships, and your future.

When it comes to Oklahoma and Texas Family Law, we stand firm on the principle that professionalism and compassion are not sacrificial lambs at the altar of zealous advocacy. On the contrary, these values are the cornerstones of our practice. Each decision we make is a reflection not just of legal strategy, but of your life's complexities and personal objectives. We’re not here to merely argue cases; we’re here to align our strategies seamlessly with the contours of your life and your unique needs.

The emotional weight that Oklahoma and Texas Family Law cases carry is enormous. We understand that family breakups are more than legal disputes; they are emotional earthquakes, shattering lives and futures, especially when children are involved. Whether it's the emotional maze of divorce, the custody battles that tug at your heartstrings, the financially intricate aspects of child support, or the delicate negotiations required in dividing marital property, we recognize the profound impact that these legal challenges have on your emotional and physical well-being.

These cases aren’t just a subset of Oklahoma and Texas Family Law; they are transformative life events that require more than a textbook attorney. You need an advocate, a strategist, a compassionate counselor, and above all, a staunch defender of your personal and familial interests.

So if you're standing at the emotional and legal intersection that is Oklahoma Family Law, you won't have to traverse this complex landscape alone. We're not just your legal counselors; we are your committed advocates, tirelessly working to steer you towards a brighter, more stable future for you and your family. With us by your side, you gain more than just legal representation; you gain a steadfast ally, intricately versed in the complexities of Oklahoma Family Law.

Our family law attorneys in Oklahoma and Texas will help you address topics that include:

At Ball Morse Lowe PLLC, our goal is to help every client effectively manage the minefield of family law so they feel empowered to face the future with confidence and optimism.

Prioritizing Communication to Help You Succeed

When you retain us as your representation, you can communicate with your assigned associate attorney daily. They are responsible for keeping you updated on what is occurring in your case, what issues you are dealing with regarding finances and child visitation, and any day-to-day questions you may have. Your trial counsel will be apprised of all matters in your case and will be available at any time you wish to schedule a time to speak with them.

For fathers, we understand that the relationship you have with your child is important to you, as well as to the growth of your child. Our family lawyers can help you stay informed about your rights and responsibilities as a father and what steps you can take to make sure your father's rights are protected.

Giving You the Tools You Need to Make the Right Choices

In the intricate landscape of Oklahoma Family Law, the team at Ball Morse Lowe PLLC is not just invested in providing you legal advice—we're committed to crafting bespoke strategies tailored to your specific circumstances. When we take on your case, know that we prepare as if we are headed for the battlefield of the courtroom. Yet, even with this rigorous preparation, our underlying objective always remains: to seek amicable resolutions that align with your best interests, emotional well-being, and long-term objectives.

Our modus operandi is founded on what we call the "Advise and Proceed" methodology. We don’t make blind moves. First, we offer you seasoned advice based on our extensive experience in Oklahoma Family Law. We lay out what we anticipate the outcomes could be if your case progresses to a hearing or even to trial. We illuminate the possibilities, presenting the facts as we understand them so that you can make the most informed decisions for your life and your family.

Transparency is at the core of our practice. We conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis for every pivotal decision in your case, offering you not just options but also clarity on what each route could entail—financially, emotionally, and practically. This empowers you to take the reins, to decide how your case should progress based on what truly matters to you.

Once we collectively agree on a course of action, we don’t just proceed—we charge forward with relentless dedication and finesse. We mobilize every resource, leverage every legal avenue, and engage every strategic tool at our disposal to strive for the most favorable outcome possible for you.

Family law cases aren't just legal proceedings; they are emotional and life-changing experiences. That's why you need more than just a lawyer; you need a comprehensive support system tailored to navigate the complexities of Oklahoma Family Law. We're not just attorneys; we're your advocates, your strategists, and your confidants.

If you're facing an Oklahoma Family Law issue and want a team that doesn't just represent you but fights relentlessly for your interests, call Ball Morse Lowe PLLC today. You don’t just get an attorney; you gain a dedicated partner committed to steering your course toward a brighter future.

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