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How to Transfer Guardianship Across States

by Ball Morse Lowe on June 27, 2019

In the last fifty years, the mobility of American families has exploded. The invention of things like the phone, computer, and (of course) the internet have brought people closer together than ever before. Because of this, the need to transfer guardianships between different states is also on the rise.

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6 Items to Address in a Parenting Plan

by Ball Morse Lowe on June 18, 2019

Whether you’ve split perfectly and you’re still really amiable or you’ve just gone through a very messy divorce or separation, the health and happiness of your child and/or children remains the highest priority. The separation of a child’s parents is incredibly stressful for a young child, and it’s good to be aware and prepared to nurture them through this hard time.

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Guardianship Paperwork: 4-Step Process for Submitting a Petition

by Ball Morse Lowe on June 11, 2019

If you’re considering becoming a legal guardian, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. While there are many reasons to become the guardian of a child or children within many different situations, it is an extensive process that involves many steps and (a lot of) paperwork. 

To help guide you through this strenuous but often rewarding process, we’ve created a 4-step process that details the basic steps you’ll need to take from the beginning to the end of your guardianship process.

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How to Establish Legal Guardianship of a Child

by Ball Morse Lowe on June 3, 2019

If you’re interested in naming someone the guardian of your child or children or you want to become a guardian yourself, there are a number of steps to take and it’s a good idea to learn what you need before you get started. In all issues of custody over a child or children, the court seeks what is best for the child first and foremost. You’ll need to be able to show the court that you can provide that.

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