5 Recommendations to Consider Once You've Decided to Divorce

by Bow Bottomly on February 15, 2018

Top-5-Recommendations-Divorce-Post.jpgIn my last blog post, we discussed the The Top 10 Recommendations to Consider Before Filing for Divorce When Children are Involved.

This week we will cover the Top 5 recommendations to consider once the decision to get divorced has been made. While every circumstance is different, these are recommendations that can apply to almost every divorce.


1. Choose Wisely

Hire an attorney that is both knowledgeable and trustworthy. There are few things more difficult in life than going through a divorce. There are many difficult decisions that need to be made and you need an attorney who will walk side by side with you through the process ensuring that you are skillfully represented.


2. Preserve Evidence

Collect as much evidence as possible. It is generally easier to collect evidence at the beginning of the divorce than at the end. Your opinion about the other spouse’s financial accounts or parenting skills (or lack there of) is of little help to the Court or your attorney.

The Court requires solid evidence such as documents, pictures, text messages, etc., to help the Court make correct and accurate rulings. Find and save income statements, current monthly statements for all financial accounts to include checking and saving accounts, money market accounts, 401K accounts and other retirement accounts.

Review and save text messages and emails that will convince the Court you are the better custodial parent.


3. Speak Carefully

Be very careful when discussing the divorce with your children. If at all possible, discuss the issue with your spouse before talking with your children. I highly suggest meeting with a counselor to discuss how to bring this up with your children and how help them through the process.


4. Be Respectful

Treat your spouse with respect at all times no matter how they act. Do not belittle them to friends or family and certainly not to your children. The Court will appreciate your good behavior especially if your spouse is not acting the same way. Additionally, the better you get along with your spouse during the divorce, the quicker you will be able to reach an outcome that is best for you.


5. Start Budgeting

You are about to go from living on two incomes to one. If you continue to live like you have two incomes, then you are going to get yourself in financial trouble quickly. There are many good budgeting programs and tools on the Internet.

Find one that works for you and implement it into your daily life. If you need a sample budget, feel free to contact our office and we will gladly email you one for free.



As you can tell from these recommendations, the thoughtful family law attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe are committed to working for your best interest in all aspects of the divorce proceedings.

You can count on our law firm to provide the experienced legal guidance necessary to assist you in your divorce. Call us today at 405-701-5355.

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