Allison Aryal

Allison Aryal believes in being a strong advocate and prioritizing her client’s goals. She believes in educating her clients about legal matters and operating transparently to help ease the process. Allison’s law school career focused on Family Law and Legal Negotiations. She advanced to compete on a national level in the American Bar Association’s Negotiating for Lawyers competition, and has won the CALI Award for Excellence in Legal Negotiations.

Allison Aryal

Recent Posts

Establishing Paternity and the Unmarried Father’s Rights in Texas

Posted by Allison Aryal on May 25, 2021

When a baby is born in Texas and the parents are not married, the law does not automatically recognize the biological father as the child’s legal father. That is where the term “paternity” comes into the matter, and luckily, the Texas Family Code provides the framework to establish it.

Understanding Military Divorce in Texas

Posted by Allison Aryal on March 5, 2021

The term “military divorce” is used when talking about a divorce where one or both spouses are active-duty military personnel or service members, including those in the national guard or reservists. As compared to a civilian divorce, there are additional requirements in a military divorce and, while this may add to the complexity and duration of the divorce process, those additional requirements are designed to help protect those serving our country who are facing a military divorce.