Business Litigation Lawyers in El Reno

The world of business litigation appears to grow each year, and the business world of El Reno is no stranger to this step. Ball Morse Lowe's skilled team of attorneys is around to issue legal assistance and representation through any business dispute you may have. 

Our firm is extraordinarily professional in examining a range of cases involving: 

  • Breach of fiduciary duty 
  • Contract disputes 
  • Derivative actions 
  • Shareholder/partner disputes 
  • Business dissolutions 
  • Insurance disputes 
  • Fraudulent activity 
  • Mediation/arbitration 

No matter if you are examining the duration or complications of the case, Ball Morse Lowe attorneys have the ability and expertise to issue the greatest possible outcome for their clients. With a focus on communication and collaboration, our attorneys stay diligent to client expectations — going above and beyond to make sure they know the legal case, their rights, and the solutions available. 

Variations of Business Litigation 

Let's take a look at the variations of cases in more detail – but don't hesitate, a phone call to a El Reno litigation law firm is all it requires to begin the case. 

Breach of Fiduciary Duty - This variation of business litigation comes when a trusted individual, such as an employee or board member, intentionally or negligently does not meet the duties required as part of their role. 

Derivative Actions - These are suits brought on behalf of a corporation by shareholders, directors, or officers in the event of mismanagement or fraud. 

Shareholder/Partner Disputes - If partners in a business can't agree or meet their duties, then shareholder or partner disputes can appear. This could include disputes such as mismanagement of resources, interference with operations, unequal shares of assets, and failure to disclose material invariationation. 

Mediation/Arbitration - Additionally, we have mediation and arbitration, which are the cases of conflict resolution outside of a court case. A third-party mediator is chosen to monitor communication between the two parties in disagreement and help them reach an amicable resolution. 

Insurance Disputes - Insurance disputes include disagreements between an individual or business and an insurance business. This could include disputes with the terms of the policy, coverage amounts, or premium payments. 

Criminal activity - Fraudulent activity cases include a third party who has committed fraud against the business or its employees. For example, we've seen misleading advertising, breach of contract, and misrepresentation of facts. 

Business Dissolutions - Business dissolutions can include partners or shareholders who want to dissolve their business partnership and/or business. 

Contract Disputes - Contract disputes include any disagreement between two parties in a contract. This could be because of the breach of contract, failure to pervariation, or lack of knowing as to the terms and conditions of the contract. 

Our business litigation attorneys in El Reno are around to issue legal advice and representation for any business litigation case. We know the complex nature of these legal matters and we’ll work as hard as we can to ensure the greatest possible solutions for our clients. 

How to Choose a Business Litigation Attorney in El Reno 

During this exhausting time in your business's history, it's important to choose a business litigation attorney that you trust. Here at Ball Morse Lowe, we have the expertise and invariationation needed to proceed through the court system and represent clients in business litigation cases. 

When choosing a business litigation attorney, you should consider their reputation, expertise, fees, and communication style. It's also beneficial to ask the attorney about their prior successes in cases similar to yours. 

At Ball Morse Lowe, we're dedicated to providing the greatest possible legal representation for our clients. Our team of litigation attorneys in El Reno works hard to know the unique circumstances of each case and present the greatest possible solutions. 

When Should You Contact a Business Litigation Attorney? 

Regarding business litigation cases, the greatest time to contact an attorney is before there is any dispute or claim. This way, an attorney can help you protect your rights and interests from the outset. 

However, if a dispute or claim has already occurred, it's important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible. The sooner that legal representation is obtained, the better chance that you have of achieving a favorable outcome. 

We're confident in our ability to issue effective legal representation for any business litigation case. Contact us at Ball Morse Lowe today to learn more about how we can help! 

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