Domestic Abuse Lawyers in Guthrie

In Guthrie, domestic abuse is a grave offense, often resulting in criminal felony charges. Domestic violence encompasses physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual abuse inflicted upon an intimate partner. It is illegal to threaten or harm someone within such a relationship.

Victims of domestic abuse possess the right to seek legal protection against those who violate the law. The Guthrie District Attorney's Office actively works to safeguard victims and their families from individuals committing domestic violence or abuse.

Conversely, individuals charged with domestic abuse, restraining order violations, and related crimes can face severe consequences. A felony conviction may lead to incarceration, substantial fines, and probation or parole. If you require assistance, contact a seasoned criminal defense attorney to protect your rights when facing such charges in Guthrie.

Ball Morse Lowe stands as a premier law firm, delivering tenacious and informed criminal defense. Our attorneys boast extensive experience in defending clients entangled in domestic abuse cases. We comprehend the intricacies of these charges and how to construct a formidable defense on your behalf.

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Illustrations of Felony Domestic Abuse in Guthrie

Domestic violence manifests in myriad forms, with certain actions constituting criminal felonies. Instances of felony domestic abuse encompass severe physical assaults resulting in substantial injury or fatality, sexual assault or rape, employing weapons as threats within the household, stalking or surveilling family members to instill fear and intimidation, and false imprisonment.

  1. Physical Attacks - These may involve punches, kicks, and other violent physical actions causing broken bones, concussions, or death. These offenses are deemed grave crimes, with significant penalties for those convicted.

  2. Sexual Assault/Rape - This category includes any non-consensual sexual contact, achieved through physical force, threats, or incapacitation via drugs or alcohol.

  3. Weapon Threats - Threatening a household member with a deadly weapon is illegal and may result in felony charges.

  4. Stalking - Engaging in surveillance or closely monitoring someone to invoke fear and intimidation is considered criminal stalking, potentially leading to felony charges.

  5. False Imprisonment - This offense involves forcibly confining someone against their will, preventing their departure from the residence or confined location. Depending on the circumstances, it may also result in serious criminal charges if proven.

If you or a loved one confronts criminal charges for felony domestic abuse, connect with Ball Morse Lowe without delay for a consultation. We can safeguard your rights and provide top-tier legal defense to uphold justice.

Potential Defenses Against Domestic Abuse Charges

When confronted with criminal charges for domestic abuse, the most effective approach to protect your rights is to collaborate with a trusted attorney. A robust defense can safeguard your rights and challenge the charges. Viable defenses may include self-defense, insufficient evidence, or mistaken identity.

  1. Self-Defense - If you acted to protect yourself from physical harm or feared for your safety, self-defense may serve as a viable defense. The burden of proof lies with you to demonstrate the justifiability of your actions. Rest assured, your attorney will assist in gathering supporting evidence.

  2. Insufficient Evidence - In the absence of evidence proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, charges may be dismissed or reduced. It is imperative to work with an experienced attorney well-versed in scrutinizing evidence and crafting a robust defense.

  3. Mistaken Identity - It is possible that a wrongful accusation has been made; this can occur when witnesses or law enforcement officers misidentify the perpetrator. Your attorney will investigate the case to ascertain the accuracy of the accusations and pursue justice if warranted.

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