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In Perry, Oklahoma, domestic abuse is a grave offense, and those found guilty may face criminal felony charges. Domestic violence encompasses various forms of harm, including physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual abuse inflicted upon an intimate partner. Threats or acts of harm against someone in an intimate relationship are illegal.

Victims of domestic abuse have the legal right to seek protection from those who violate the law. The Perry District Attorney's Office is dedicated to safeguarding victims and their families from individuals who commit domestic violence or abuse.

Given the seriousness of these charges, individuals accused of domestic abuse, restraining order violations, and related crimes can confront severe consequences. A felony conviction may lead to incarceration, substantial fines, and probation or parole. If you require assistance, it is crucial to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights when facing such charges in Perry.

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Ball Morse Lowe is a distinguished law firm renowned for delivering resolute and knowledgeable criminal defense. Our attorneys boast extensive experience in defending clients involved in domestic abuse cases. We comprehend the intricacies of these charges and possess the proficiency to construct a robust defense on your behalf.

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Examples of Felony Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence manifests in numerous forms, with some acts constituting criminal felonies. Illustrative instances of felony domestic abuse encompass physical attacks leading to severe injury or fatality, sexual assault or rape, menacing use of weapons as threats against household members, stalking or persistent surveillance to instill fear and intimidation, and false imprisonment.

Physical Attacks - These may entail physical acts of violence like punches and kicks that result in fractured bones, concussions, or even fatalities. Such offenses are gravely criminal, and those found guilty may face criminal charges.

Sexual Assault/Rape - This encompasses any sexual contact lacking consent and unwanted. It may transpire through physical force, threats, or incapacitating the victim with drugs or alcohol.

Weapon Threats - Threatening another person in the household with a deadly weapon is unlawful. A felony charge may result when any weapon is employed to intimidate someone in an intimate relationship.

Stalking - Engaging in persistent surveillance or following someone closely to induce fear and intimidation is regarded as criminal stalking, which may lead to felony charges.

False Imprisonment - This involves physically restraining someone against their will, preventing them from leaving the domicile or the place of confinement. Depending on the circumstances, this may also result in serious criminal charges if found guilty.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges for felony domestic abuse, promptly reach out to Ball Morse Lowe for a consultation. We can protect your rights and provide the best legal defense to ensure justice prevails.

Possible Defenses Against Domestic Abuse Charges

If confronted with criminal charges for domestic abuse, it is paramount to collaborate with a trusted attorney to safeguard your interests. An assertive defense can protect your rights and contest the charges. Potential defenses may comprise self-defense, insufficient evidence, or mistaken identity.

  1. Self-Defense - If you acted in self-defense or out of fear for your safety, self-defense could serve as a valid defense. The onus is on you to substantiate that your actions were justified, a task your attorney will help you fulfill by compiling pertinent evidence.

  2. Insufficient Evidence - If the evidence does not substantiate guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the possibility exists to have the charges dismissed or reduced. Partnering with an experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of evidence examination and defense construction is imperative.

  3. Mistaken Identity - False accusations may arise when witnesses or law enforcement officers misidentify the perpetrator. Your attorney will assess your case to determine if mistaken identity is a factor and will advocate for justice as needed.

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