Domestic Abuse Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Lawyers in Perry

If you're facing charges of criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) in Perry, it's vital to comprehend the legal implications and their potential impact on your future. In Oklahoma, criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) encompasses any act or threat of physical violence against a partner or family member, including assault, battery, intimidation, harassment, stalking, and other forms of domestic violence.

Convictions for criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) in Perry carry penalties that can vary based on the offense's severity and your prior record. Punishments may range from fines to jail time. In this situation, your first call should always be to Ball Morse Lowe at 405.701.5355.

What's Domestic Assault and Battery in Perry?

Domestic assault and battery in Perry encompass all forms of physical violence directed at a partner or family member. This includes actions causing bodily harm or instilling fear of harm, such as pushing, slapping, punching, choking, kicking, and more. Domestic violence also extends to psychological abuse, involving threats or verbal harassment.

Distinguishing between assault and battery charges involves considering the type of penalty that might apply. Assault entails the threat or attempt to cause physical harm, while battery involves actual physical harm through contact. Both offenses can lead to conviction if proven in court.

Oklahoma domestic violence laws are gender-neutral, meaning that both men and women can face criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) charges.

Consequences of Criminal Misdemeanor Domestic Abuse in Perry

Criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse in Perry carries severe consequences that can have lasting repercussions. Depending on the offense's gravity, you may confront fines, imprisonment, probation, and a permanent criminal record. Additionally, court-mandated counseling or community service hours may be mandated.

Beyond the legal consequences, facing charges of criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) can exact an emotional toll. Families, including any children involved, may suffer, and relationships may be strained, impacting future job prospects.

Common Defenses to Criminal Misdemeanor Domestic Abuse in Perry

If charged with criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) in Perry, you may have potential defenses to reduce or dismiss the charges. These include self-defense, defense of another person, and false accusation.

  • Self-defense: This defense is applicable if you were defending yourself against an imminent threat of bodily harm. It should only be employed when no other options for safe retreat or de-escalation were available.

  • Defense of another person: This defense applies when intervening to protect someone else from physical harm inflicted by another person. It can be challenging to establish in court, so consulting an experienced attorney is essential.

  • False accusation: This defense can be valid if there is evidence that the accuser made false allegations without justifiable grounds. Seek advice from a skilled attorney if considering this defense.

If facing charges of criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) in Perry, it's crucial to consult with an experienced attorney promptly. At Ball Morse Lowe, our attorneys are dedicated to providing expert and compassionate legal representation for those confronting criminal charges.

We recognize the gravity of these charges and will work tirelessly to safeguard your rights and achieve a favorable outcome. Contact us today at 405.701.5355 or utilize the contact form on our website to provide basic information, and we'll reach out to you.

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Remember, do not forego legal support. The consequences of criminal misdemeanor domestic abuse (A & B) in Perry are significant, and we are here to help protect your rights. At Ball Morse Lowe, we understand that everyone makes mistakes and are committed to guiding you through this challenging time.

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