Public Intoxication Lawyers in Ponca City

Many people in Ponca City wind down after a long week with a night out on the town or even just a drink at home. Unfortunately, some of these nights can end in an arrest for public intoxication. If you or someone you know has been charged with public intoxication in Ponca City, you may first feel embarrassed and uncertain of what to do next. Fortunately, help is available in the form of a qualified public intoxication lawyer who can work with you throughout the process.

A good Ponca City attorney will assess your case and provide legal advice on how best to proceed, whether that involves negotiating a plea bargain or taking your case to trial. The lawyer can also explain all the applicable laws surrounding public intoxication and give you a realistic assessment of your options. With an experienced attorney by your side, you'll be able to make informed decisions about how to move forward with confidence.

If you're wondering where to turn, you're in the right place with Ball Morse Lowe. Our team of public intoxication lawyers is experienced and knowledgeable in this area of law and has the resources needed to ensure the best possible outcome. We'll work hard to help you avoid a conviction or reduce your sentence as much as possible. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with your legal needs - complete the contact form on the website or call 405.701.5355.

What Does Public Intoxication Entail?

Most people have been tipsy in public at some point in their lives, so what is the difference between this and being charged with public intoxication? In Ponca City, a person is considered publicly intoxicated if they are visibly impaired due to alcohol or drugs and:

  • Are in a public place;
  • Create a disturbance;
  • Endanger themselves or others; or
  • Disrupt the peace.

At this stage, we should note that it's possible to be charged with public intoxication even if you are not actually intoxicated. For example, an arresting officer may simply believe that a person's behavior implies they are impaired and make an arrest. Furthermore, being in the company of someone who appears to be under the influence can also result in a public intoxication charge.

What are the Penalties for Public Intoxication in Ponca City?

As a criminal misdemeanor, convictions for public intoxication carry a range of penalties including fines, probation, and community service. In some cases, an individual might even face jail time. The severity of the punishment will largely depend on whether or not the accused has any prior criminal record as well as the circumstances surrounding the offense itself.

Moreover, those charged with public intoxication may experience other, less obvious consequences, such as difficulty finding employment or housing. Having a conviction on your record can also make it difficult to travel abroad and may lead to other legal issues down the line - in short, it's best to avoid a conviction wherever possible.

A Public Intoxication Lawyer Can Help

Given the potential repercussions of a public intoxication charge, you'll need to take the necessary steps to protect your rights and your future. In Ponca City, that means finding a good public intoxication lawyer to help you fight the charges. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can increase your chances of avoiding a conviction or having the sentence reduced.

At Ball Morse Lowe, we understand how stressful it can be when you find yourself facing criminal charges - which is why we strive to help you throughout the entire legal process. We'll handle your case with the utmost care and attention to ensure the best possible outcome. To learn more or get started, contact us today by completing our online contact form or calling 405.701.5355.

Ultimately, the possible defenses include asserting that you were not actually intoxicated, that the arresting officer lacked reasonable suspicion to make an arrest, or that the police violated your rights during the process. The best public intoxication attorney can evaluate all aspects of your case and advise you on how best to proceed. With Ball Morse Lowe by your side, you can rest assured knowing that you have a team of dedicated experts on your side.

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