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Ball Morse Lowe is a leading Norman probate attorney firm with decades of experience in providing exceptional legal representation for individuals and business owners. Our team of experienced attorneys has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of probate law, including trust administration, estate planning, guardianship, conservatorships, will contests, powers of attorney, asset protection strategies, and probate litigation. We strive to provide compassionate and personalized legal advice, with the goal of providing our clients with peace of mind during a difficult time. 

If you need assistance with any aspect of probate law, you can count on a probate attorney in Norman to provide professional and knowledgeable representation. We understand that probate can be a complicated process, and our attorneys are here to make sure your legal rights are respected and protected. 

What is Probate? 

Probate is the legal process of proving that a deceased person's will is valid and that their wishes are followed. This involves identifying the deceased person's assets, paying any debts or taxes owed, and distributing the remaining assets according to the will. The probate process must be supervised by an executor, who is typically the person named in the deceased person's will. 

Why Does Probate Occur? 

Probate is often a necessary process to ensure that the deceased person's wishes are respected and followed. During probate, assets will be identified, debts and taxes paid, and the remaining assets will be distributed according to the terms of the will. Probate also ensures that any creditors of the deceased person's estate are paid. 

At Ball Morse Lowe, we understand that this can be a difficult time for everyone involved. Our team of experienced probate lawyers in Norman is here to provide legal advice and representation that meets your specific needs. 

Is it possible to avoid probate? In some cases, it may be possible to avoid the probate process. This is usually done through estate planning, such as creating trusts and other legal instruments that allow assets to be distributed without going through the probate court. With the help of a lawyer, you can determine if this is an option for your situation. For example, Ball Morse Lowe can assist you with wills, trusts, and estate planning. 

Do You Need Norman Probate Lawyers? 

If you are facing a probate issue in Norman, the attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe can help. We provide knowledgeable and compassionate legal advice to individuals and business owners in Norman. Our attorneys have decades of experience in all aspects of probate law and can help you navigate the process with ease. 

What happens when you forgo legal representation? Without legal representation, you may face unnecessary delays in the probate process. In some cases, an individual or business owner may have to pay costly fines or other charges that can be avoided if you have an experienced Norman probate lawyer on your side. 

Who Can Initiate a Probate? 

Great question. Generally, anyone with an interest in the assets of a deceased person can initiate probate. This includes family members, friends, and creditors of the deceased. The executor of the estate is typically responsible for initiating probate and ensuring that all debts and taxes are paid before assets are distributed according to the will. 

At Ball Morse Lowe, we have extensive knowledge of Norman's probate laws and can help you navigate every step of this complex process. Our attorneys will work closely with you to ensure that your rights are respected and that the deceased person's wishes are followed. 

In Oklahoma, the law requires that all probate matters be filed in the district court of the county where the deceased person resided. Don't worry, our team of experienced Norman attorneys can help you file the necessary paperwork and represent you in court if needed. 

What's a Small Estate Affidavit? 

When researching this area of law, you may have come across the term "small estate affidavit." This document is used when an estate's assets are valued at less than $50,000. A small estate affidavit may be used to transfer assets such as bank accounts, stocks and bonds, and real estate without going through the time-consuming probate process. 

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At Ball Morse Lowe, we can help you determine if a small estate affidavit is the right option for your situation. We will provide the knowledgeable legal advice and representation you need to ensure that your rights are respected and the deceased person's wishes are followed. 

If probate is required, our Norman probate law firm can help. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone involved and will provide compassionate legal advice to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us today at 405.701.5355 to learn more about how our experienced attorneys can help. Our friendly team will love to take your call!   

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