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Nobody enters into a marriage thinking that it will end in divorce; sadly, it’s thought that around half of all marriages now end this way. While some are amicable, others end poorly. Either way, you need to work with a Spencer divorce lawyer to start the next chapter of your life correctly. Ball Morse Lowe is experienced in divorces and can help you navigate this difficult process.  

Ultimately, you need a lawyer to handle the case with empathy, which you’ll find at Ball Morse Lowe. Divorces include children, pets, assets, and other assets that mandate delicate handling. With this in mind, we always develop a legal strategy around your specific situation. Rather, we customize our services to our clients. Why not connect with our professional team today?  

Different Types of Divorce - Spencer Divorce Lawyer 

Divorce often leads to many questions because there so many different types of divorce that exist. Don’t be afraid to reach out to our team for customized advice.  

Uncontested Divorce - Uncontested divorces are often seen as the simplest form of divorce, but we still highly recommend seeking legal representation with a divorce attorney in Spencer. More than anything else, you need to be aware of your options which protect your legal rights.  

Contested Divorce – By nature, complexity abounds with contested divorces because, by nature, they are comprised of folks who don’t agree on important issues. If you find yourself moving towards the idea of divorce with your spouse, contact a BML attorney as soon as possible to prevent any mistakes or missteps.  

Mediation – Mediation is a great legal resolution for people who choose not to go to trial for their divorce. If you wish to desire to go this direction, we regularly work with accredited mediators that are able to make these legal accommodations for you. Sometimes, the mediation is successful, and the need for trial is removed.  

Military Divorce – Civilian divorces are inherently complex, however, there are more intricacies involved with military divorce. For example, military benefits and pensions will be split according to Oklahoma laws and the USFSPA (Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act). Do not fret, Ball Morse Lowe has extensive experience with military divorce and will advise accordingly.  

Same-Sex Divorce – Same-sex marriage provides for the same equal protection as traditional marriage. When it comes to the process of divorce, however, various complexities can arise. At BML, we approach each same-sex divorce case with the same aptitude and focus as any other family law or divorce matter. Our team of attorneys is committed to providing you with comprehensive legal counsel to safeguard your rights. 

Other Types – Beyond these traditional types of divorce, our divorce lawyers in Spencer can assist with legal separation, temporary orders, and asset valuation/division. Contingent to your circumstances, we have the appropriate professionals and work closely with them to help your case.  

Over the years, we’ve helped with a multitude of no-fault and fault divorces, same-sex divorces, arbitration, collaborative divorces, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team, even if you want to start by asking some questions.  

Filing for Divorce in Oklahoma  

The exact process of divorce you experience are contingent on the type of divorce you seek and tbe the very specific circumstances of your case. All of these being understood, we’ve provided an example of what to potentially expect.  

Step 1 - Residency Requirement: You may only file for divorce in Oklahoma if at least one spouse has been an Oklahoma resident for over six months. If you have unique residency requirements, please reach out to our Spencer divorce lawyers for guidance.  

Step 2 - Petition: When the court receives a petition from the spouse filing for divorce to end the marriage, the petition must include details surrounding the marriage and the impending divorce. As an example, it should detail grounds for divorce, marriage information, and specific requests (this may include custody or alimony).  Upon completion, this document must be served to the other spouse by mail or delivery in person.  

Step 3 - Response: After receiving the divorce petition, the other spouse is able to file a response within 20 days. If any unresolved issues exist, the additional step is intended help to resolve them.  

Step 4 - Hearing: Depending on the case, a fourth step may be required to resolve any issues you have with your spouse. Sometimes, the court will order mediation as a neutral party to discover a middle ground on certain issues.  

Step 5 - Divorce Decree: The final step of the divorce decree is the final order which ends the marriage.   

Over the years, more states have adopted no-fault divorces because in previous years, one party had to prove fault in order to dissolve a marriage. Currently, you can claim irreconcilable differences that dissolve a marriage without one party being blamed. However, you can pursue a fault divorce and plead your case (examples include imprisonment, adultery, and fraud).  

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If you want to seek a divorce, let Ball Morse Lowe be your first phone call. Even if you don’t foresee any challenges from your spouse, it’s still wise to consult divorce attorneys in Spencer to protect your best interests and start your next chapter on the right foot. Our team is friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable. We’ll protect your legal rights and work tirelessly on your behalf. Call us now at 405.701.5355!  

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