A default divorce occurs when a spouse or partner does not answer or respond to the divorce papers they are served. By virtue of this, there is a sea of legal ramifications. Ball Morse Lowe can provide the assistance to help guide you through the process of a default divorce. Many issues are at play within a default divorce and ensuring the right measures are taken place is crucial to appropriately navigate the next steps.

For some couples, a divorce of this type is agreed to in advance. For others, there may be missteps of information that necessitated the default. Serving the divorce papers must be done in an appropriate manner, coupled with proper timing. We seek to help you determine the best course of action in situations involving a default divorce.

Agreed to or not, proper representation and paperwork still must be followed for the benefit of all parties involved.

Ball Morse Lowe can Work with you on Default Divorce

Thinking about a divorce can be a difficult scenario because there are many secondary issues to consider such as custodial rights, financial settlements and many other items that can take a toll.  A divorce, regardless of the way it is approached, is one of the most difficult life events one goes through. As such, questions about partner rights and post-divorce come into play.

Even if there is a default divorce served to you, there are still certain processes that must be followed. A divorce of this type can often be confusing; understanding your rights and the proper next steps can provide better understanding and clarity.  Our team of Oklahoma City and Norman default divorce lawyers can help you through the legal process and help you provide a road map for moving forward. We aim to put you at ease even during this time because there will undoubtedly be a series of emotions involved.

Questions that Might Arise during a Divorce

A divorce doesn’t just directly affect the parties involved. Other factors are also played out during a divorce including, but not limited to:

  •        Child custody
  •        Property division
  •        Asset allocation
  •        Child support and much more

There are many questions that can arise but knowing how to prepare for these instances can help you prepare for the future. Ball Morse Lowe will help you through these legal matters. Divorce causes stress that can prevent you from making the right calls. We are here to help with the challenges.  Don’t go through a default divorce alone. There is plenty of misinformation on the topic and we want to make sure you are represented correctly. A default divorce will leave you with more questions than you are able to answer. Nothing about a divorce is straightforward.

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