Trust Administration

Ball Morse Lowe provides legal counsel to trustees. Serving as a trustee and administering a trust involves great responsibility. If a trustee fails to meet these responsibilities and duties, the trustee may held liable for the breach of the trustee’s fiduciary duties. To avoid trust litigation (link), it is important for the trustee to fully understand the duties and obligations involved with administering a trust and ultimately distributing the assets of the trust. A few of these responsibilities include, communicating with beneficiaries, gathering and valuing assets, managing trust assets, paying debts and expenses, filing tax returns (including any Federal Estate Tax Return), providing accountings to beneficiaries and distributing assets to beneficiaries.

Our office will guide the trustee through the trust administration and provide assistance to the trustee in fulfilling his or her responsibilities. We can also assist the trustee by: providing written correspondence to the beneficiaries, locating and gathering assets, negotiating with creditors, preparing a Family Settlement Agreement, applying for a federal employer identification number (EIN) for the trust, preparing and filing a Federal Estate Tax Return if necessary, working with the trust’s tax and investment professionals, and preparing deeds and other legal documents required to transfer assets to the beneficiaries.

Serving as a trustee of a loved one’s trust can be an overwhelming task. However, it can also be a rewarding process in that you are carrying out your loved one’s wishes. The experienced attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe will seamlessly guide you through the trust administration process.

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