A divorce can be both stressful and expensive. It can be one of the most difficult decisions in life.  Divorces sometimes end bitterly and cost mental energy and time. Couples that divorce often has long-drawn-out disputes that do not end well or satisfactorily for some individuals.  A collaborative divorce is an alternative to a traditional divorce but with any type of separation of this nature, it is important to know all your options and rights before proceeding.  Any setback with terms as sensitive as these can be damaging and dangerous to one, or both, parties.

Collaborative law aims to help provide couples with a process in which negotiation and mediation are used to settle a divorce. For some, a divorce is the only option.  Oftentimes questions come out of a divorce such as “Where will I be financially?” “What happens to my assets?” “What happens to my life?” “What about our children?” and many more.  While these questions are valid, it also sheds a light on the toll it can have on life after divorce. Settling and negotiating a divorce can be less costly and less stressful if done correctly with a dedicated team of attorneys.

Ball Morse Lowe has a team of divorce attorneys to serve the Frisco area. Divorces are challenging and there are many life factors that are in dispute. The process is often daunting; more so, the process is sensitive. At times a divorce puts on a heavy weight on the shoulders of the parties involved. Casting the wider net around collaborative law can help set realistic goals and find answers to the questions that you seek.

Mapping out a Blueprint after Divorce

Despite the questions that run through minds when going through a divorce, it is important to know there is a future afterward. At Ball Morse Lowe, our family law attorneys do their best to help you feel confident about the process so you can set new goals in life and how to achieve them.

Going through a Collaborative Divorce

Avoiding the court process to resolve divorce issues can net some benefits such as saving money, allowing room to negotiate terms, can take place in an informal setting, and allows for a more honest exchange of information. As such, going through this requires in-depth knowledge about matters as they relate to divorce.  

Regardless of the benefits involved with this type of divorce, there is still a legal process that must be followed. The impending nature of the divorce is also something with which to deal. Let the professional divorce lawyers at Ball Morse Lowe help you. They will help you explain your options and help you see the big picture, so you won’t be caught blindsided.

Learn more about Collaborative Divorce

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