Divorce can sometimes be an ugly matter. With contested divorces especially, partners often do not amicably agree to the terms of the divorce. This issue becomes complex and is often highly charged by one or both of the parties. At Ball Morse Lowe, clients find contested divorce lawyers committed to helping find the right solutions to this highly charged field. They are committed to exploring and explaining all their options for marital dissolution.

Ending the marriage is difficult and contested divorces can be complicated, drawn-out, and sometimes end in litigation. We will help you navigate through the process of contested divorce and help you stay focused in the process. Many issues exist within a divorce of this nature including financial matters, property matters, asset management, child support, and child custody. These are just a few of the many factors that can be a point of contention.

Your divorce may include issues around child custody, property division, and other areas of family law but we have a team to help you overcome these challenges. Divorces often are painful life experiences but finding the right help to provide necessary support during this time is important. Our Frisco contested divorce lawyers will help put you at ease during this difficult time.   

Providing Support During a Contested Divorce

When any couple gets a divorce there are many things to consider as to what the next steps will be. It’s often a time where there is confusion and frustration, which can lead to clouded judgment. It will have a significant impact on how the future is processed but this is where Ball Morse Lowe comes in. Defining a specific road map to the future can be difficult if no one knows what to expect next. Our goal is for the client to holistically understand what’s at stake, how to get through it, and walk you through the process. Questions such as “What happens to my estate?” “What about property divisions?” “Am I liable to pay child support?” are some of the questions that might come up.  

As with any divorce process, there must be a level of sensitivity and discretion. With a contested divorce, oftentimes, these issues can be contentious but staying focused on the next steps can guide you in understanding what to expect. It is a stressful enough situation while going through a divorce and it is often heightened because there is no agreement to the terms of the divorce.

You need someone to help you understand Texas' laws and regulations and protect your interests.  Complex situations such as contested divorces place a heavy burden on one or both parties. Know your rights and discover the road map after dissolution.

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