Divorce is one of the most difficult life circumstances to go through. It is often a painful experience that leads to more questions. In situations of a summary divorce, there are eligibility requirements in Texas that must be met. The term “simple divorce” is sometimes used. For some couples, marriages dissolve for a number of reasons. That might include finances, children, property allocations, and the list goes on. Disputes are heightened the longer the marriage continues if those disputes are not handled.

With a summary divorce it can be a simpler process because there are not as many disputes to go through or experience. In some cases, the benefit of a summary divorce can include:

  • Less paperwork to deal with. Paperwork in a divorce can mount exponentially very quickly. This is especially the case if the divorce prolongs itself longer than it needs to. From filing to dissolution, often there is less paperwork in a summary divorce. A skilled attorney can help you determine which paperwork is required and when to file them.  
  • Fewer court appearances to attend. In Texas, there are rules and requirements on what is required for court appearances. Consulting with a dedicated family law attorney will help you through the requirements. Each court appearance may be different in scope.
  • Fewer negotiation sessions. Negotiating in a divorce can become contentious and drawn out. A summary divorce may involve fewer sessions because there are fewer assets and property to deal with.

With any divorce, there are rights that must be understood for both parties. Even though the divorce may be streamlined there are legal waters to cross. Protecting your rights through a dissolution can aid in helping you through the next steps in life.

What are the Eligibility Requirements of a Summary Divorce?

Work with an understanding divorce attorney in Frisco to help you through the exact requirements of a summary divorce.  Normally, eligibility for a summary divorce includes being married for a short period of time, no children are involved, the total property value is low, and total marital assets are low. Even though the eligibility requirements for a summary divorce may be minimal it still requires an understanding of the laws that relate to divorce.

At Ball Morse Lowe, we know divorce is a stressful situation no matter how “easy” it might be. It takes an emotional toll on everyone involved. We seek to understand exactly what you might have to properly help you through the process.  Often, when divorces occur, there is a sense of intimidation. It doesn’t have to be that way especially if you know what to expect and have legal representation on your side.

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