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Services in Newcastle, OK  - Practice Areas for Our Attorneys

No matter the service area you are searching for, whether they are family law, estate planning and probate, business law, or another service area, Ball Morse Lowe attorneys in Newcastle are completely committed to providing solutions that work best for you and your family. 

With nearly 15 years of experience serving clients throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado, our attorneys know how to bring the solutions you are seeking in any service area listed below. We are committed to providing services that work for you in a budget friendly way. With the combined experience from each of our attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe, Newcastle residents can rest knowing that their case will be tailored to the individual. 

If you are seeking any of the services listed in this guide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our attorneys in Newcastle today! We offer free consultations for any of these services to Newcastle residents. 

Newcastle, OK Lawyers - Family Law    

Throughout Ball Morse Lowe’s legacy, family law has become one of the most important services we bring to families in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Family law can be more complicated than many of the other service areas we provide across our firm, due to the number of emotions associated with each case. Our family law attorneys are here to try and ease some of the stress you may be feeling. We may not be able to rid you of this stress, but we can help lessen any confusion you may have regarding your family law case. 

Most people assume that family law includes only child custody and divorce, and while those services play an important role in our family law services, they’re not the only services that we offer. Additionally, we offer services for adoption, paternity, and protective orders for Newcastle residents. 

Here are descriptions for each of the family law services we provide for families in Newcastle:    

Adoption – Adoption can be one of the most exhilarating and complex processes you may ever have to go through. Though the process has a rewarding ending in many cases, it can be a time-consuming and expensive process the rest of that time. To make sure you follow guidelines properly when it comes to adoption, make sure you contact an experienced family law attorney that can help you effectively! 

Child Custody – Child custody may seem like a straight-forward process, but this is far from the experience that many go through in Oklahoma. There are a lot of guidelines you must follow correctly, and many decisions that must be made in the best interest of the child. To make sure you are following these guidelines correctly and reaching peaceful resolutions with your former partner, consider contacting one of our family law attorneys. 

Divorce – Divorce can be messy and can destroy families if the process does not go as smoothly as possible. You have to decide how to split all of the assets you’ve gained over the course of the marriage, and in divorces involving minor children, you must also go through a child custody battle as well. Even the most peaceful divorces are not pleasant experiences. This is why it’s important to find a divorce attorney that can help you navigate your family through this difficult time. They may not be able to fix some of your concerns, but they can provide you with advice needed to find the best solution for you and your former spouse. 

Protective Orders – Protective orders are created to protect victims from their abuser by preventing contact of any kind at any time.  In addition to protective orders, our family law attorneys in Newcastle can provide clients with emergency ex parte orders that do not notify the abuser. Contact our family law attorneys today if you are looking to protect yourself or a loved one dealing with abuse. 

Paternity – Paternity plays an important step in some child custody cases, as it can sometimes be difficult for the courts to recognize who a child’s father is. Paternity determines health insurance, child support, and the father’s legal rights to visitation. There are three methods used to determine paternity, including parentage, acknowledgment, and presumption. With an experienced family law attorney, you can navigate the paternity process effectively in the state of Oklahoma. 

Father’s Rights – Working with paternity, father’s rights determine the rights a father has to visitation with their child. Without an effective court order in place, fathers may have difficulty seeing their children if these children were born out of wedlock. Contact our Newcastle attorneys today to explore the options available to you today. 

Family Law Appeal Attorneys Near Me

In the complex arena of Oklahoma family law, the appeal process stands as a critical lifeline for correcting the injustices faced during trial proceedings. At Ball Morse Lowe, we bring specialized knowledge to a broad range of family law issues, providing targeted legal support that is meticulously tailored to the nuances of each case:

Divorce Decisions - We fervently advocate for a fair division of assets and spousal support, tirelessly working to secure resolutions that honor the contributions of both partners.
Child Custody and Visitation - Protecting the child's best interests is our utmost priority, guiding our strategy to foster custody arrangements that ensure a stable and nurturing environment.
Child Support - We are committed to adjusting support orders to mirror the principles of fairness and equity, taking into account the changing needs of the child and the financial abilities of both parents.
Adoption - In our adoption practices, the child's welfare is always paramount. We approach the legal complexities of adoption with heightened sensitivity, placing the child's well-being at the forefront of every decision.
Paternity - With precision, we address and rectify any errors in paternity determinations, strengthening the legal and emotional bonds of parental rights and duties.
Protective Orders - We conduct thorough assessments of evidence and legal standards in protective order scenarios, with a laser focus on safeguarding the safety and welfare of those in jeopardy.
Enforcement and Modification Orders - Advocating for the reassessment of orders in the wake of new evidence or altered circumstances is key to ensuring that legal agreements continue to serve justice and relevance.

Choosing Ball Morse Lowe means enlisting a team that combines legal proficiency with deep empathy and is passionately committed to navigating you through the appeal process with unwavering integrity and support. For immediate assistance, contact us without delay at 405.701.5355 or Together, we will tirelessly work towards rectifying wrongs and securing a stable, just future for you and your family.

Attorneys in Newcastle, OK - Estate Planning and Wills   

In the second section, we will guide you through the types of estate planning and probate services we offer for Newcastle residents. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation with Ball Morse Lowe if you find what you are seeking!  

Estate Planning – Estate planning may seem like it is not important until later in life. However, you never know when you or a loved one might pass away, leaving the rest of your family without a plan for dividing your estate. It is important to distribute your assets to the best of your ability with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney. Remember, if you are an adult with any assets at all, it’s never too early to create an estate plan. Contact our attorneys today! 

Elder Law – Elder law works with estate planning, as both are created to prepare seniors for financial matters during the second half of their lives. At Ball Morse Lowe, we value every one of our clients, and seniors are no different. If you are a senior in the Newcastle area, contact us to explore your options for the second half of life! 

Wills and Trusts – When it comes to estate plans, the two most popular plans we provide to clients are wills and trusts. With a will, you can specify your beneficiaries, your assets, and you can also select a guardian for your minor children. However, a will does not avoid probate after your death. With a trust, you can select your beneficiaries and assets, as well as completely avoiding probate altogether. Ball Morse Lowe estate planning attorneys strongly recommend using a trust to best distribute your assets. 

Probate – Probate is a long and emotionally draining experience that is completely avoidable with certain estate plans. However, there are cases when a loved one may not have planned their estate properly and now the remaining family members must do so themselves. Our estate planning attorneys can help you and your family through this difficult time. Contact one of our probate attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe to explore your options! 

Cohabitation Agreements – If you are in a relationship and seeking some financial security in that relationship without the commitment of marriage, a cohabitation agreement may be right for you and your partner. With a cohabitation agreement, you can determine how you would like to split your financial assets and what should happen to any property you own should the relationship come to an end. Unlike marriage, cohabitation agreements can be broken at any time with no repercussions. If you and your partner are seeking a cohabitation agreement in Newcastle, make sure to reach out to Ball Morse Lowe today! 

Newcastle, OK Attorneys - Business Law   

Business law cases can be complex, and especially so if it is your first time seeking a business law service. This is why it is important to find an experienced business law attorney that can help you and your business through this time, no matter the service you require. You may need help with business litigation, entity formation, or other services. At Ball Morse Lowe, we know each and every business law case we receive is unique to the individual and their business, and we are devoted to providing custom-tailored solutions that work for both. 

Business Litigation – Business litigation can be an expensive process, no matter if you are the owner of a large or small company. Our business law attorneys can assist you and your company with any business litigation matters, ranging from contract and real estate disputes, business torts, professional negligence, probate litigation, fraud claims, or class action lawsuits. We recommend contacting a business law attorney as soon as possible if you are dealing with a business litigation matter. 

Mergers and Divestitures – Mergers are used to combine two or more companies into one large business, while divestitures are used when a business wishes to get rid of assets within the company by exchanging, closing, or selling. Both of these are great options for companies, and our business law attorneys are here to help you determine which is right for your business.

Entity Formation – Forming a company can be exhilarating, but like any other service listed in this guide, it comes with a plethora of information to understand prior to the case. Even if you are buying a business, you must select the right entity to avoid tax risks. Our Newcastle lawyers can help you with shareholder agreements, corporate governance problems, entity conversions, and any other related service.

Acquisitions – If you’re the buyer in an acquisition transaction, you have to make sure that all paperwork are in the right place for the sale. The seller must negotiate the price, so it works for both individuals. These acquisitions can require financing arrangements, leases, valuations, entity formations, contracts, and more. Our Newcastle attorneys are here to help you through each of them.

Succession Planning – After creating a company and sharing its success over several years, you may have provided yourself the means to retire comfortably. As nice as this option is, you would also like to provide your company and employees with the right heir to lead the company into the future. With the right succession planning attorney, you can guarantee the success of your company after your departure. 

Criminal Defense Expungement Law - Immediate Legal Support Available

At Ball Morse Lowe in Oklahoma, we offer crucial expungement services to those overwhelmed by the shadow of a criminal record, paving the way for a hopeful and brighter future. Our seasoned legal team deeply understands the hurdles and stigma tied to a criminal past, including the profound barriers to securing employment and housing. With a blend of compassionate guidance and legal expertise, we navigate the expungement process, aiming not just to clear your record but also to unlock the door to new beginnings and opportunities.

Criminal Expungement - We are wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you move beyond the limitations of past mistakes, steering you towards a future brimming with potential. Liberating yourself from the past paves the way for embracing fresh starts and regaining autonomy over the direction of your life.

To initiate your journey towards a new chapter, contact us urgently at 405.701.5355 or Leveraging our extensive experience in criminal defense and expungement law, Ball Morse Lowe is here to fervently fight for your second chance, providing steadfast support every step of the way.

Newcastle, OK Attorneys - Other Areas of Expertise   

Below we have combined a few services that do not fit with the other areas listed throughout this guide, but that doesn’t mean they are not as important. If you find a service you’re seeking, contact one of our attorneys today!   

Product Liability – We have all bought an item, expecting it to work effectively with it to prove defective all the same. Though these defective items are frustrating, they can be fixed by returning the item to the store you purchased it from. However, there are instances when a defective product causes serious injury. If you are seeking reimbursement for these injuries, please contact our attorneys today!

Power of Attorney – Powers of attorney are used in many different ways, including financial matters or health care. They can be used to grant an selected individual (an agent) to act on behalf of a recently incapacitated individual. These powers are outlined in a document, stating explicitly how they would handle these affairs normally. If you are looking to become an agent on someone’s behalf, contact our offices to explore your options with one of our attorneys today! 

Real Estate – Our attorneys in Newcastle specialize in residential and commercial real estate cases, helping residents whether they are owners, sellers, or developers. If you are dealing with fraud, a contract or warranty breach, contract disputes, lease negotiations, or foreclosure, our real estate attorneys understand that every case is unique, and we strive to provide clients with the solutions they’re seeking! 

Personal Injury – It is quite common to be injured in an accident. Often times, no one is clearly at fault, and neither party must bring the action to court. However, there are cases where there is clear fault due to another’s negligence, leading to a personal injury case. If you are seeking a personal injury lawsuit, please contact our lawyers at Ball Morse Lowe.

Why Choose Ball Morse Lowe? A Leading Law Firm in Newcastle, OK 

Ball Morse Lowe has an impressive track record helping clients find the solutions they want in all of the service areas provided throughout this guide. We deal with each and every case with passion and empathy, tailoring each case so they fit each individual client. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the services listed in this guide, please schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys today! Our Newcastle attorneys can provide answers to any questions you or a loved one may have. Schedule your consultation at 405.701.5355 or email 

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Ball Morse Lowe PLLC is committed to providing excellent service and sound solutions to our clients in a cost-effective manner. From our offices in Norman, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater, Frisco, and Denver, our attorneys provide services throughout the Oklahoma City, DFW, and Denver Metros and in other states, including Texas, North Dakota, Ohio, Colorado, California, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

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