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Services in Tuttle, OK - Practice Areas for Our Attorneys

Depending on the legal services you require, our Tuttle offices are here to help you, your family, or even your business through any case listed throughout this guide. 

With nearly over a decade serving clients throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado, our attorneys know exactly what it takes to achieve results for each and every client we serve. We are devoted to providing solutions for our clients, no matter the complications that come throughout the case. Our services are also budget friendly compared to many other options throughout the Tuttle, Oklahoma area. 

If you find a service area that fits your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys serving the Tuttle area today!

Tuttle, OK Lawyers - Family Law   

Throughout Ball Morse Lowe’s history, our attorneys have been dedicated to providing clients with the solutions they desire, and family law is no exception. Our family law attorneys see the highest number of cases in recent years, and our team has expanded tremendously as a result. We understand that many family law cases hit close to home and have the potential to destroy relationships and families if not handled correctly. 

Many may forget the number of services we provide when it comes to family law. Of course, divorce and custody battles are at the forefront of our family law practice, but we also provide services in adoption, protective orders, paternity, and even father’s rights. 

Here is a list of all the services we provide Tuttle residents:  

Adoption – Adopting a child can be one of the most exciting chapters of life, but also one of the most exhausting. The adoption process is infamous for being time-consuming, and not knowing your options prior to starting may hinder the result you are attempting to achieve. With the right advice from an experienced family law attorney, you will know everything it takes to welcome this new addition to the family. 

Child Custody – Child custody battles are known for being time-consuming and often times messy. Typically, both parents believe that spending more time with them is what is best for the child, but it is important to remember that this is not always the case. The courts attempt to find a solution in the best interest of the child, and this is often the option that changes the child’s life the least. If you are looking to achieve amicable results with your former partner regarding child custody, contact our family law firm today! 

Divorce – Divorce, like child custody, is time-consuming and messy, even in the best of cases. At the very best, you will lose half of the overall assets you and your former spouse have acquired throughout the marriage. If you have minor children with your former spouse, you must also undergo a child custody battle on top of the divorce. If you are seeking advice from an experienced professional specializing in divorce, look no further than our family law attorneys in Tuttle.

Protective Orders – Being the victim of abuse may leave you feeling alone, and often times helpless to remedy the situation. It is absolutely crucial you remember that you are not alone and there are options available that can protect you, such as protective orders. With a protective order, you can make sure the abuser does not have any chance to contact you in any way without legal ramifications. If you or a loved one are seeking a protective order, please contact our offices right away, if possible, to explore your options. 

Paternity – Determining paternity can be a complicated process, but it must be determined in some cases to establish health insurance, legal rights for the father, and child support if applicable. There are three methods the courts use to determine paternity, including parentage, presumption, and acknowledgement. If you are looking to determine paternity, look no further than our seasoned family law attorneys.  

Father’s Rights – Knowing your rights as a father may seem like you do not have much of an option when it comes to visitation. However, at Ball Morse Lowe, we are committed to granting fathers the ability to visit their children if at all possible. If you are looking to further understand your rights as a father, contact our firm today! 

Family Law Appeals Attorneys in Tuttle, OK

Great news for residents of Tuttle, Oklahoma! Our seasoned team of family law appeals attorneys is at your service, ready to tackle the complexities of the appeals process with vigor and precision. If you're facing outcomes that seem unjust, marred by judicial errors, misuse of discretion, or misinterpretations of crucial evidence, we're here to turn the tide in your favor. Our expertise spans the gamut of family-related legal issues, offering a robust challenge to initial court decisions that missed the mark.

Divorce Decisions - Step into a world where fairness in asset division and spousal support is paramount. We're dedicated to ensuring that each resolution reflects the true value and contributions of both partners. With an eye for detail, we aim to rectify any imbalances, ensuring that the division of marital assets and liabilities is conducted with the utmost fairness and respect for the unique dynamics of your partnership.

Child Custody and Visitation - At the heart of our mission is the welfare and happiness of your children. We prioritize their best interests, meticulously evaluating every factor that impacts their well-being, including health, safety, emotional development, and parental capacity for care. Our goal is to secure custody and visitation outcomes that not only meet legal standards but truly enhance the lives of the children involved.

Child Support - We're on a mission to correct any missteps in child support calculations, championing the cause of fairness and precision. Our approach ensures that support payments accurately reflect the child's needs and the financial realities facing both parents, advocating for a balanced and equitable outcome in every case.

Adoption - In the realm of adoption appeals, our expertise shines. We rigorously review decisions related to the termination of parental rights or the finalization of the adoption process, with the child's welfare as our guiding star. We ensure that every legal requirement is met and that the child's future is secure in a nurturing environment.

Paternity - With the significant impact of paternity determinations on custody, visitation, and support, our appeals in paternity cases are handled with an unwavering commitment to accuracy and fairness. We navigate the complexities of legal and procedural standards to ensure that the truth prevails, safeguarding the interests and rights of all parties involved.

Protective Orders - Our work with appeals involving protective orders is marked by a deep commitment to ensuring genuine safety for those at risk. We conduct thorough evaluations of the evidence and legal standards, advocating for protective measures that truly serve their intended purpose.

Enforcement and Modification Orders - Facing new evidence or changed circumstances? We're your champions for the fair reassessment of judgments, dedicated to ensuring that legal arrangements remain just, relevant, and adaptable to the changing dynamics of family life.

Dive into a world where expert support in family law appeals in Tuttle, OK, is just a call away. Contact us at 405.701.5355 or via email at for guidance that's not only compassionate but steeped in the depth of legal expertise.

Attorneys in Tuttle, OK - Estate Planning and Wills 

Estate planning is often disregarded, with many believing that they can put off an estate plan until the later stages of their life. As we all know, life does not come with guarantees. As horrifying as it is to think about, you never know when you may pass away. Regardless, it is strongly recommended to pursue an estate plan with the help of an estate planning attorney during any stage of adulthood.

Estate Planning – Creating an estate plan is a monumental step in planning for the second half of life. Because these plans determine how your assets are distributed after your passing, many believe they do not need to create one until later in life. However, it is recommended to create an estate plan at any point during adulthood, as you never know what may happen in the future. 

Elder Law – Elder law is the education provided to seniors looking to plan their finances for the second half of life. At Ball Morse Lowe, we understand the complexities of elder law, and we are here to simplify the process the best we can. We value each and every one of our clients, and our seniors are no exception to this principle.

Probate – Probate is a lengthy, expensive, and public trial where the state of Oklahoma determines how your assets are distributed following your passing. Even in cases involving a will, probate is still required. There are a few estate plans that avoid probate entirely, but we understand that sometimes it cannot be avoided. If a loved one failed to create an estate plan, and now you and the rest of the family are scrambling to gather their estate following their passing, we are here to help make this process as smooth as possible. 

Wills and Trusts – Wills and trusts are the most common example of estate plans that Ball Morse Lowe provides. Wills are legal documents that provide information on your beneficiaries, selected assets, and who your minor children’s’ guardian will be following your passing. With a trust, you can also select your beneficiaries and assets, but you also entirely avoid probate following your death. At Ball Morse Lowe, we provide services for both estate plans, but we strongly recommend the use of a trust over a will for your estate plan.

Cohabitation Agreements – If you and your partner are looking for some security in your financial arrangements (following your cohabitation) but do not want to get married, cohabitation agreements may be the right choice for you. With a cohabitation agreement, you can determine how your assets will be shared and what happens to them if the relationship ends. If you and your partner are interested in creating this agreement, contact our estate planning attorneys today!

Tuttle, OK Attorneys - Business Law 

Business law is a very specific service area, as it does not pertain to every individual in Oklahoma like family law or estate planning does. However, for those business owners out there, these services are absolutely critical to keep their company performing at its best. Throughout the lifetime of a business, it is natural to hit bumps along the way that cause these business owners to go to court. Below we have provided a list for all the services you may require in Tuttle. 

Business Litigation – After 13 years in business, Ball Morse Lowe understands that each and every piece of litigation we deal with is complex, and business litigation matters are no different. Business litigation can be expensive, no matter if you are the owner of a small or large company. Our business law attorneys are here to help you throughout the litigation process, and we personalize each case we receive.

Entity Formation – Starting a company can be an exciting, but challenging chapter in your company’s timeline. We understand you may want to create the company as soon as possible to get a jumpstart on revenue, but it is important to following all steps in the creation of this entity. With an entity formation lawyer, you can rest assured you are following all these steps to create a company with a bright future ahead.

Succession Planning – Following several years of success in business, you may have recently decided that it is time to pass the mantle to a new successor. You understand that this choice is important and delicate, as this choice will determine the future of the company. At Ball Morse Lowe, our business law attorneys understand the importance of this process, and we are committed to achieving these results as smoothly as possible. 

Acquisitions – Acquiring a company is a big step in becoming a business owner. Both the buyer and seller have important roles, with the buyer creating all the paperwork and the seller negotiating the price. Acquiring a company can require leases, entity formations, financing arrangements, valuations, and contracts. Our business law attorneys are devoted to making this process go as smoothly as possible. 

Mergers and Divestitures – Merging two or more companies into one single entity can seem incredibly daunting, but the process can be easier with advice from an experienced professional. Divestitures are on the opposite side of mergers, as they allow a company to get rid of any assets it no longer requires. Regardless of the service you require, our business law attorneys have a plethora of knowledge available to you. 

Criminal Defense and Expungement Attorneys in Tuttle, OK

The journey toward criminal expungement in Oklahoma is now more accessible and promising than ever! This golden opportunity to clear your criminal record is your ticket to a future brimming with hope, growth, and the chance to start anew, free from the constraints of past errors.

Criminal Expungement - Embarking on the expungement process with us is a transformative experience. It's about much more than navigating legal procedures; it's about rewriting your future. Our dedicated legal team, armed with extensive knowledge and a passion for justice, will guide you through every step of the expungement process, championing your rights and working tirelessly to secure a future where your potential is limitless.

For unparalleled expungement support in Tuttle, OK, backed by a team committed to your fresh start and future success, reach out to Ball Morse Lowe at 405.701.5355 or Let's take this journey together towards a brighter, renewed life.

Tuttle, OK Attorneys - Other Areas of Expertise 

For this final section in this guide to our Tuttle services, we have taken the liberty of listing out any services that you may still be looking for after reading through family law, estate planning and wills, and business law. None of these options fit into those categories, but we understand they are important services all the same. 

Product Liability – We’ve all been there. After purchasing a product, the item turns out to be completely defective. These items are typically easily refunded at the store you bought them from, but what happens when this product is so defective it causes injuries? If you have been injured due to a faulty product, please contact our lawyers to explore your reimbursement options. 

Real Estate – Commercial or residential estates, no matter where in the country you reside, are subject to certain cases every now and then. Whether you are seeking services in contract breaches, warranty breaches, fraud, lease negotiations, contract disputes, or foreclosure, our real estate attorneys are here to help you!

Personal Injury – Have you ever been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another individual? If so, our attorneys can help you explore your litigation options! We understand accidents happen, but when someone injures another due to negligence, they are putting another individual’s life in danger. It’s important to correct this behavior if at all possible, and our attorneys can help you make it right! 

Power of Attorney – A power of attorney is a legal document that serves as an agreement between the creator of the document and their selected agent, who acts on the creator’s behalf if they become mentally incapacitated and unable to make decisions on their own. These powers can range from financial matters to health care, but either must adhere to the guidelines created by the now incapacitated individual. 

Why Choose Ball Morse Lowe? A Leading Law Firm in Tuttle, OK 

Our attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe, whether they service clients in family law, estate planning and wills, business law, or another service area, are committed to bringing solutions that work for them, their family, or their company.

It is completely natural to have additional questions or comments regarding any of these services. If you are seeking more information on these services or are looking for another service not listed in this guide, please schedule your free consultation with Ball Morse Lowe by calling 405.701.5355 or emailing 

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Ball Morse Lowe PLLC is committed to providing excellent service and sound solutions to our clients in a cost-effective manner. From our offices in Norman, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater, Frisco, and Denver, our attorneys provide services throughout the Oklahoma City, DFW, and Denver Metros and in other states, including Texas, North Dakota, Ohio, Colorado, California, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

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