Protect Your Property With A Prenuptial Agreement

Increasingly, engaged couples are choosing to create prenuptial agreements. Such an agreement can serve many purposes. A prenuptial agreement can protect the inheritance rights of children from previous marriages. It can specify who gets what property should the couple decide to divorce sometime in the future. A prenuptial agreement can serve to strengthen a marriage by removing potential issues of conflict.

At Ball Morse Lowe, PLLC, we provide a full range of services regarding prenuptial agreements. For an affordable fee, we can:

  • Draft a prenuptial agreement
  • Review a proposed agreement and recommend improvements that can better protect your rights
  • Provide an opinion regarding the strength of an existing agreement

To learn more about prenuptial agreements or to discuss your needs, call Ball Morse Lowe, PLLC, at 405-701-5355.

Important Things To Remember About Prenuptial Agreements

When creating a prenuptial agreement (also called a premarital agreement), it is vital that both parties have their own counsel. An attorney at our law firm can explain the uses of such an agreement, review your situation and advise you concerning your options.

In addition, there must be full disclosure of all assets, and each party to a prenuptial agreement must have sufficient time to review the agreement before the marriage occurs. Your life in the weeks leading up to your marriage will very likely be filled with activity. But your meeting with us will be time well-spent. With a prenuptial agreement in hand, you can move forward in your marriage with confidence — and with the knowledge that your property and rights are protected.

Consultation With A Lawyer

To schedule a initial consultation about a prenuptial agreement, call Ball Morse Lowe, PLLC, at 405-701-5355 or contact us online. We serve clients in the Oklahoma City area and throughout the state.


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