In Oklahoma, guardianship matters are taken seriously. The need for guardianship is different in multiple situations but it is something that requires complex knowledge of the state’s laws. Understanding the exact scenario in which a general guardianship is paramount to understanding your rights in this situation. Ball Morse Lowe is committed to providing helpful knowledge and legal expertise to matters of guardianship.

Guidance through General Guardianship Matters

At Ball Morse Lowe, we aim to provide the proper counsel on general guardianships. Even thinking about guardianship can be daunting but, in some cases, it is necessary and appropriate. With that there are a series of legal processes and paperwork that must be looked at and understood to make sure the process continues as efficiently as possible. Our dedicated team of family law attorneys in Oklahoma City are tasked to help you understand the process and expectations. Guardianship is not something to take lightly. Every case of general guardianship is different. What may seem routine for one scenario may not be so apparent in another. The emotional weight during guardianship hearings and proceedings can take a toll but we will help you navigate through the process for the best outcome of the situation.  

Guardianship doesn’t just affect today. It affects the many days after the hearings are complete. The larger blueprint is an essential one to provide you with the best information in order to properly plan your future. Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to assist.

In General When Guardianship Occurs or is Needed

  • By virtue of being children, parents have guardianship rights. They make the legal decisions for their children.
  • As we become adults, we can normally make the decisions for ourselves.
  • Guardianship over children might be required if no parent is available to take care of the child or make decisions on their behalf.
  • A general guardianship can be applied if another adult is incapacitated or is in one form or another unable to take care of themselves.

Issues of guardianship are sensitive and there are many legal i’s to dot and t’s to cross. In the event of a general guardianship matter understanding what your rights are and the rights of those whom guardianship is over, is vital because of the sensitive nature.

Guardians normally have responsibilities not just in decision making but addressing the well being of the individual(s). Medical care, clothing, finances, food, housing and many more typical factors in life are touched by a guardianship. This is one of the many reasons Oklahoma takes guardianship so seriously.

Do not be caught up by the misinformation that you might see or hear from other situations. Legal matters that revolve around general guardianship will be seen vigorously by the professionals at Ball Morse Lowe.  

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