Guardianship can be an important factor to both the guardian appointed and the ward. This includes special guardianship. Under a special guardianship, a guardian is normally appointed for emergencies. Though these are temporary, it puts a ward in the care of a guardian to ensure they are watched over and protected.

This term is not heard of as often as general guardianship or limited guardianship, but it still does bear legal responsibilities on the part of the potential guardian. Nothing is taken lightly when it regards guardianships.

There are many circumstances that may necessitate a special guardianship order. Even though this type of guardianship is often temporary, there are still legal bounds to work within. It can be often discouraging or frustrating understanding the exact legal scenario. Our team of dedicated family law attorneys will help you with your special guardianship needs. Enlisting the help of an Oklahoma City attorney knowledgeable in guardianship laws can help you navigate through the sea of confusion.

In Oklahoma there can be three types of guardianship that takes place.

Three Types of Guardianship in Oklahoma

Guardianship matters are taken seriously in Oklahoma. The ward (the child to whom custody is granted) is one of the most innocent in situations of guardianship.

  • General Guardianship – General guardianship entails complete control over the ward, and property. Decisions are made on behalf of the ward.
  • Limited Guardianship – This type of guardianship has partial control of the ward and the property thereof.  It is, in terms of guardianship, a form that limits control until a full determination can be made.
  • Special Guardianship – With this type of guardianship, there are certain situations that necessitate this including an emergency and a guardian is needed for a short period of time.

Even though the appointment of a special guardianship is temporary, it is vitally important to maintain the well-being of the ward.  A special guardianship can work as a stop gap for a time but it is important to be able to provide a safe situation for the ward and their property. No matter the situation that requires a special guardianship, the sensitive and professional attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe are ready to help you with your guardianship need.

For many situations the guardians can be the relatives of the ward, but this is not always the case. Regardless of the situation it is important to know the legal process involved with special guardianships.  

Can Termination of Guardianship Happen Once Established

In short, yes. However, there are reasons that a termination can happen, but it doesn’t always happen for the reasons you might think. Sometimes it may not be because you are doing a bad job at being a guardian. It could mean that circumstances that led to the guardianship request has been resolved or the child’s circumstances have changed for the better.

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