The question is sometimes asked: “Can adults be adopted?” Adult adoptions are not as common as other forms of adoption, but they exist. This form can sometimes be necessary depending on the adoptee and the adopter. The process can be confusing and daunting, causing anxiety and trepidation. Emotionally, it can be draining, every bit as much as adopting a child. Most adoptions involve younger children and babies, but adopting adults has rewards of its own. No matter the reason, you are bringing in a new member into your family.

There are several reasons that an adoption of this nature may be necessary. Because this is a different type of adoption there is a set of complexities that must be navigated through. There is a sea of legal paperwork that must be filed and other legal considerations. Ball Morse Lowe can assist you with the process and the paperwork that is required. Any misstep along the way can prevent a proper adoption. Our dedicated team of lawyers can help you the best way they can to achieve your adoption goals. This form of adoption is done for many reasons and it is important to understand the laws and your rights surrounding it.

Reasons for an Adult Adoption

Even though adult adoptions are not as common there are still legal arrangements that are required. In general, adult adoptions can look like the following:

  • Formalizing a parental relationship – Could include an official name change and provide inheritance rights.
  • Caring for a disabled adult or mentally challenged individuals – Offers important decision making on their behalf.
  • Inheritance purposes – This offers certain protections if a will or other inheritance is contested by another party.

Regardless of the reason for adopting an adult, there is a legal process that moves you through the system. You will want to have a roadmap on the processes and procedures along the way so you can plan. Planning for a new member in your family can be emotionally draining, but if provided with the proper blueprints you can set your realistic goals and how to accomplish them.

The Joys of Adult Adoption

Adult adoptions can be rewarding. Not only does it establish an existing relationship, it can allow for closure in some cases. Many families build their families through agency and individual adoptions, and this is no exception. The process of adopting an adult can be as complex as an agency adoption, but the team at Ball Morse Lowe are here to help you every step of the way. If you feel strongly about adopting an adult into your family, the option is available.

Assisting with Adult Adoption

The attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe realize that there can be an emotional toll when going through the adoption process. It can be overwhelming and stressful to deal with the legal complexities.  We can help you with your legal obligations in the adoption process. To arrange an initial consultation with a family lawyer attorney, contact Ball Morse Lowe at (405) 701-5355 or contact our firm by email.  

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