Parenting is a hard job, but it is a rewarding experience. For stepparents coming into the family it can be a difficult situation to find themselves in because the relationship between stepparent to biological child was not established initially. Often with stepparent adoption there is a lot of confusion as to what the rights and responsibilities are. Even though the stepparent comes into a new family, they do not have the legal right as a biological set of parents do initially.

There are laws in Oklahoma that must be followed regarding stepparent adoption. Consulting with professional and experienced adoption attorneys can help you navigate through the stepparent adoption process.

Requirements for a Stepparent Adoption

One of the biggest requirements is that the stepparent and biological parent of the child is married. While there are still some requirements when adopting your child, it may not be as strenuous as an agency adoption.

There are certain requirements that make it required for a stepparent to adopt their stepchild.

  1. Permission or consent – Permission must be granted by the biological parents before proceeding with this adoption, unless the parental rights of the other birth parent was terminated. Even so it is wise to seek counsel from experienced legal professionals.
  2. Marriage – As mentioned before, the stepparent must be married to the biological parent of the child. Proof of this must be served before filing.
  3. Willingness to take on the responsibility – The stepparent must be willing to take the roles and responsibilities and be a decision maker to the child. There is plenty of responsibility of being a parent that is liable for the decision making of the child. It can be rewarding if done correctly.

One important aspect to note of all of this is that there are several reasons why divorces happened. It could have been abandonment, infidelity, irreconcilable differences, etc. Under these circumstances and more, there are situations that require a family law expert to work with you through this time. The dedicated lawyers at Ball Morse Lowe will provide legal counsel to help you through a stepparent adoption and work within the state’s laws to see the proper blueprints moving forward. They will also help you see the benefits of an adoption of this case.

Benefits of a Stepparent Adoption

An adoption of this kind is not as visible as an agency adoption or adult adoption, but it does have its benefits. This adoption gives the stepparent decision-making abilities for the stepchild. Regardless of the situation of the biological parent, the stepparent can make crucial decisions regarding life factors such as schooling, religion and medical care.

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