Adoptions of any kind can be stressful, and the process can be daunting. This is where our Oklahoma family law attorneys work for you. A relative adoption may be different than other forms of adoption but there are still several legal complexities that must be handled. While some may reason that relative adoption is easier than other forms of adoption there still must be appropriate processes and procedures that are followed. The team at Ball Morse Lowe can work with you through the process and help you understand the complexities.

The process is not predictable but with proper legal guidance it becomes easier to manage and handle.

What is Relative Adoption?

A relative adoption is an adoption that takes place between a biological member of the family. You might have also heard the term “kinship adoption” regarding this. These can include people such as cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. They act as the caregivers and accept all the responsibility to raise the child until adulthood. This does not, however, include stepparent adoption. With relative adoptions it is important to understand what is at play during this time. While this type of adoption is rarer than an agency adoption obtaining experienced legal counsel will help the process.

Relative adoptions are a sensitive matter. It involves, oftentimes, innocent children caught in the crosshairs of something they don’t fully understand. For many things to transpire during to relative adoption, it is vital that there is an understanding of the laws revolving around the topic and understand the rights involved with all parties – including the child.

In most instances, a relative adoption is needed because of the incapacitation of birth parents. Though tragic and harmful, children rights, privacy and protection is considered with lawyer assistance.

For other instances, a birth mother can make the decision to give the child up for adoption to a relative.  It is a brave and selfless act. Though the idea of relative adoption is not as common as other forms of adoption, there are some reasons for a parent to give their child to a relative adoption:

  1. There is an establishment of relationship with your relative and a sense of trust built into it.  With this, there could be fewer concerns about who is going to adopt the child. In some cases, that relative either already has a family so the transition becomes easier.
  2. Possible post-adoption contact if certain criteria are met and arrangements are made. No matter the issue, there is the possibility of contact with the child and that can provide peace of mind.
  3. You have provided a life for a child. This is an important factor to discuss.  Placing your child for adoption does not mean that there was a failure, or they have given up.  It means that you are given a chance with a relative.

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