Divorce can be difficult enough as it is, but there are issues that come up outside just the divorcing parties. Children are equally affected by divorce, often caught in the crosshairs of this difficult time. It not only affects their immediate life but what happens weeks, months and years down the road.  Parents share the parental responsibility of the child, thus the term “joint legal custody”. You might have also heard the terms “joint physical custody” and “joint legal custody”.

While it is difficult going through a divorce, it is equally important to consider the children involved. During the process of a legal custody battle, you have to know what is at stake. The child’s best interest is an important factor to consider when dealing with a legal custody issue but there are complex legal matters that can be involved. At Ball Morse Lowe, we are committed to helping you understand the entire picture of what is going on so you can feel more at ease with us. We understand this is a sensitive and trying time in life. During such a time issues of privacy and rights come into play. Issues of transitioning also exist.

With the events of a divorce and custody battles privacy and understanding rights matter. Within joint custody there are issues that will become a talking point.

Issues that Matter with Joint Custody

In a joint legal custody, there are questions that may transpire such as “What decisions can I make?” “When are we sharing?” “What am I financially liable for?” and “How do we handle all of this?” Undoubtedly there are more questions and it can be overwhelming. It is important to know what important legal decisions can be decided. Areas where custodial decisions are made include:

  •        Education
  •        Finances  
  •        Health care
  •        Religion
  •        General Activities

We will work with you to work through the complexities of the situation.

Joint Custody Arrangements

It is of note that the arrangements may not be as straightforward when dealing with custody arrangements. There is plenty of misinformation about joint custody arrangements which can lead to confusion and sometimes apprehension. While this is an important issue on joint custody matters, Ball Morse Lowe will help our clients understand the arrangement scenario and provide greater understanding on your legal road map.

There are guidelines that must be followed in Oklahoma in order to properly and efficiently file the legal paperwork. We are Oklahoma City attorneys ready to guide you through the paperwork and get started working on a plan.

Divorce itself is a difficult ordeal because it takes a toll on your family. We seek to provide clarity and legal understanding on your rights and processes so you can have the best outcome for you and your child not just now, but also for the future.

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