Custody matters can be difficult to handle because of the various logistics that are involved with such a legal matter. There are instances of child custody where it is important to have dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys working for you to help you understand what’s at stake. Legal custody grants a parent the right to make essential long-term decisions for their children. Some aspects that are included in this includes but does not limit:

  •        Medical care
  •        Religious education and upbringing
  •        Health care, including dental
  •        Financial considerations
  •        Education (including what type of schooling is in question)

At times, custody battles become contentious and combative. Even with these instances it is hard to clear the mind of the judgements that have yet to be made. Ball Morse Lowe can provide help with legal custody matters because there is plenty at stake.  The interest of the child is only one of the factors that are at play during a custody proceeding.

While it may be possible that both parents maintain legal custody the legal paperwork and information must still be filed and prepared with parties understanding the potential legal road map ahead.  

Joint Legal Custody Matters

Making decisions for your child or children is paramount. In matters of joint legal custody each parent is granted rights to make decisions based on the child where open and free communication can occur.  Some issues that may necessitate being granted sole legal custody include the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a parent; relationship history; other arrangements previously made during physical custody.

At Ball Morse Lowe, there is a team of professional family law attorneys to work with you through the legal custody questions and issues that come about. Every custody battle is different. While some may go smoothly, others can require tantamount evidence and work. Establishing a life after separation or dissolution of marriage can takes its toll on both parties. We seek to put you at ease and provide with the fullest amount of knowledge to help you.

Sole Legal Custody Matters

Regardless of the decision to divorce it is still a sensitive and trying problem. In cases of sole legal custody, the mother or father are granted the legal custody of the child but not both. There are circumstances that are key issues in this arena which include one party having a substance abuse issue, or mental instability becoming a factor. No matter what the situation might be, sole legal custody can become a legal battle.

Custody battles after a divorce can cause even more stress and trepidation. Divorces can be one of the most embattled and stressful situations one can imagine but it is often heightened when the fight involves custody. Understand your legal road map moving forward so you will not be caught blindsided.  

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