Custody battles can be stressful, contentious and sometimes defeating. In Oklahoma, cases of custody are taken seriously because of the sensitive nature of the custody battle. It often affects some of the most innocent members of the family. This includes issues in a relative custody. Relative custody matters are different than other forms of custody battles.

For some cases, people other than the child’s parents – most often relatives – can obtain custody. These relatives include aunts and uncles, grandparents, and cousins. Relative custody cases are wrought with sensitivity. Navigating through the legal waters is important to understand your next steps. Like other custody battles, a relative custody issue has certain rules and laws per state. The dedicated Oklahoma City attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe can provide the correct counsel to work through a relative custody situation in accordance with Oklahoma laws.  

Relatives can petition to obtain custody of a minor depending on the circumstances that the child is faced with. Situations such as abuse and neglect can come into play. Every relative custody situation is different but the professionals at Ball Morse Lowe will provide seasoned legal guidance to help you with the custody issue.

There are some situations where one would consider transferring custody of a child:

  • Parents become chronically ill. The illness could be caused by something out of the control of the parents.
  • Parents are dealing with addiction or criminal charges.
  • The household is harboring an abusive relationship toward the child.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it does bear light into the situation some people face that might require relatives to explore the option. Relative custody can be made available to relatives because there is already a connection in place to the family.

Is Relative Custody Temporary or Permanent?

This depends on the situation. For some cases it can be a temporary custody order. Others may become permanent depending on how severe the situation was that necessitated the order in the first place.  Some orders can be temporary anywhere from a few months to years while parents recover. Other scenarios are permanent. Whether it is temporary or permanent there are still rights for all parties so any movement forward must be carefully understood and examined. Ball Morse Lowe can help you through the legal waters that exist during a relative custody issue from the filing to the fulfillment of the order.

The child’s best interest is always in mind when dealing with any relative custody matters.

Consult with a Reputable Family Law Attorney in OKC

There is nothing easy about a relative custody order. Many factors and aspects are at play including the well being of the child. If you are seeking a relative order custody or have questions about one, call Ball Morse Lowe today at 405-701-5355.  

Custody matters are important to all everyone involved. Trust the seasoned legal guidance to walk you through this time and guard the relationship you hold dear.

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